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Warsaw. Ban on selling alcohol at night – project by Jan Śpiewak

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Activist Jan Śpiewak submitted a draft civic resolution to the Warsaw Council on limiting the sale of alcohol at night. The ban would apply throughout the city from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. 700 people signed the draft resolution.

Before Thursday's session, Jan Śpiewak emphasized that when it comes to alcohol consumption in Poland, the situation is tragic. – We drink 40 percent more than we drank in the 1990s. And Warsaw itself drinks even more than all of Poland. There are six thousand alcohol sales points in Warsaw, which means almost one point per 300 inhabitants, he said.

He noted that the highest density of these points is in the center of the capital. – This causes a lot of problems for the residents – disturbing the peace at night, riots and violence – he added.

He appealed to President Rafał Trzaskowski and the Warsaw Council to adopt the draft resolution.

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The residents of Śródmieście are fed up with drunk people

Residents of Śródmieście, who want night prohibition, also spoke out. Residents said that they couldn't sleep on the weekend and couldn't leave the house because the streets were full of drunk people who behaved dangerously and polluted the city. They also pointed out that the services treat reports of drunk people as the last category and arrive after a few hours.

Councilor Filip Frąckowiak said that PiS councilors are in favor of economic freedom in the broad sense in Warsaw. – However, it cannot be hidden – there is a problem with the quality of behavior after drinking alcohol in the evenings. In some places in Warsaw (…) activities that would reduce the amount of dangerous behavior should be supported – he added.

– Personally, as a councilor from Śródmieście, I am in favor of the night alcohol silence in the district, because all people who want to buy alcohol, for example for a house party, will be able to buy it earlier. The idea is to stop the purchase of alcohol by intoxicated people, which is prohibited by law established by Parliament anyway, he noted.

The councilor believes that such a prohibition should be introduced in individual districts, territorially – where this problem occurs.

“We are not closed to different ideas”

Mayor of Śródmieście, Aleksander Ferens, emphasized that the number of retail outlets selling alcohol in the district is large. – However, I think we should discuss the hours. The whole of Śródmieście should be covered by this ban, but I am not sure whether the whole of Warsaw will be covered – he added.

Vice-Chairman of the Warsaw Council, Sławomir Potapowicz (KO), said that consultations on the introduction of a night prohibition are currently underway in the city. – We are not closed to various ideas, but we expect the president to declare what the residents' recommendations are, and what will result from the consultations – he added.

– What appeals to me are the arguments that appear in other cities (…) that where the night prohibition was introduced, noise and fights decreased. However, there are also cities where night sales of alcohol have returned. We also need to consider the voice of the entrepreneurs who conduct these sales. Perhaps we should look for a solution in the middle, Potapowicz noted.

The left supports a ban on night sales of alcohol

Left councilor Agata Diduszko-Zyglewska said that her club also proposed a ban on the sale of alcohol at night and is encouraging the city authorities to do so. – Because that's what the residents want. Selling alcohol at night causes dangerous situations and most residents do not want it. We believe that the night prohibition should cover the entire Warsaw, as it is happening in other cities, she added.

However, she emphasized that the draft resolution must wait until the consultations are completed. – Later we will deal with how to introduce this legal solution – she emphasized.

Public consultations on restricting night sales of alcohol are ongoing until June 30. To take part in them, just come to one of the meetings organized by the town hall. You can also submit your opinion electronically by completing the available survey HERE>>

Main photo source: TVN24

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