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Warsaw, Bemowo. After returning from the Maldives, a woman found a lizard in a suitcase. What to do then?

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From the Maldives to Bemowo. A resident of Warsaw, while unpacking travel suitcases, found … a lizard in them. The animal was about 20 centimeters.

In the early afternoon of June 7, the city guards from Ekopatrol received a report about a lizard, which, after returning from the Maldives, was found in her luggage in one of the apartment blocks on Pełczyńskiego Street.

The reptile, as described on their website, by the city guards, having about 20 centimeters with its tail, had to take advantage of the tourist’s inattention and hid at the bottom of her suitcase.

They thought she was dead

The lizard, which resembled a larger gecko in appearance, was clearly exhausted by a long journey. At first, the landlords thought she was dead. They put it in a jar and sprinkled it with water. Then the animal came back to life. Then they called Ekopatrol – says one of the officers who carried out the intervention. The reptile was handed over to city guards, who took it to the CITES Center in the Municipal Zoological Garden. There, specialists will take care of him. On the occasion of this intervention, the city guards from Ekopatrol remind you to pack your luggage carefully. Transporting live animals in them can break sanitary regulations in many countries, also in Poland.

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If these are animal species protected by the Washington Convention, criminal liability can be much higher. Therefore, it is also worth checking whether souvenirs made of skins or bones of exotic animals, and even small fragments of coral reefs, instead of reminding us about a wonderful holiday, will not expose us to serious trouble.

Wild animals in Warsaw

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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