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Warsaw, Bemowo. Buses 349 to the clinic on Coopera Street

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The Public Transport Authority announced that line 349 will be launched on Monday. The buses will arrive in front of the clinic at Coopera Street in Bemowo. This is the second attempt to launch this important connection for residents.

Buses will run on the following routes: Coopera Przychodnia, Cooper, Bataliiony Chłopskich, Lazurowa, Górczewska, Powstańców Śląskich, Metro Bemowo, Powstańców Śląskich, Człuchowska, Lazurowa, Bataliiony Chłopskich, Cooper, Cooper Przychodnia.

Therefore, the following replacement stops will be opened: Batalionów Chłopskich 53 located in Batalionów Chłopskich Street behind the intersection with Lazurowa Street – valid as a permanent stop for line 349. Coopera Przychodnia 51 located in the parking lot of the district clinic at Coopera Street – valid as a final stop for line 349. Coopera 51 located at Batalionów Chłopskich Street behind the intersection with Rayskiego Street towards Lazurowa Street – valid as a permanent route for line 349.

“At the same time, the Coopera Przychodnia 02 stop is being restored as Coopera 52,” ZTM said.

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The first attempt ended in a false start

This area of ​​Bemowo has changed beyond recognition in recent times. The surrounding fields were turning into housing estates. A medical clinic was also built on Cooper Street. Its accessibility has become a problem, especially for older people.

No bus passed through the narrow residential streets, and you had to walk about half a kilometer from the stop on Lazurowa Street. Bemowo officials started fighting for the possibility of running a bus to the clinic. After tests, during which it turned out that only the shortest, 9-meter buses could maneuver in the parking lot near the clinic, the city hall announced the launch of bus line 349 with a stop at the clinic just after the holidays, on January 29. It was a false start.

The reason for the delay was explained by ZTM spokesman Tomasz Kunert. – Not all infrastructure elements in the clinic’s parking lot (markings and pedestrian crossings), necessary for the safe transport of passengers, have been completed – he said.

Bemowo’s spokeswoman, Natalia Walka, said that the reason for the unprepared infrastructure was difficult weather conditions.

Main photo source: Warsaw Public Transport

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