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Warsaw, Bialoleka. He broke windows with brass knuckles, challenged policemen, tried to destroy a police car

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The prosecutor’s charges were heard by a man who smashed the windows with brass knuckles in a car workshop in Białołęka. Then, according to the police, he insulted the intervening officers, and while driving the police car, he tried to destroy its interior and spit on the uniformed officers. When the door of the police custody slammed behind the 27-year-old, he offered the police a bribe.

It was around 3.30 pm when the patrol crew from the police station in Białołęka received an intervention at Modlińska Street.

– A man was arrested there who broke several windows in a car repair shop. On the spot, the uniformed officers had to act dynamically, because the aggressive man tried to break free from the owner of the property and escape. The police overpowered him and put him in handcuffs. The 27-year-old called the policemen and shouted profanities at them, describes Paulina Onyszko, press officer of the North Prague Police.

The victim decided to report to the police station. Police said the windows in the building next door had also been broken. They reached the owner and informed him of the incident. On the way, as the spokeswoman describes, the man still did not want to calm down. – He called the policemen, spit on them and tried to destroy the interior of the police car – he describes.

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He offered a bribe

As the door to the police custody slammed shut behind him, he realized the situation he was in. Then he offered the policemen 500 zlotys to let him go, and a moment later 1000 zlotys. Thus, he committed another crime – reports Onszko.

The next day, the case was handed over to police officers from the North Prague Department for Combating Economic Crime and Corruption. The uniforms brought the 27-year-old to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw Praga Północ, where an investigation was initiated.

Four criminal charges

The prosecutor conducting the proceedings presented the detainee with four criminal charges for destroying someone else’s property, insulting the intervening police officers and violating their bodily integrity, and promising to provide a financial advantage in order to induce them to withdraw from their official duties with his participation.

For these crimes, the 27-year-old faces up to 10 years in prison. He was placed under the supervision of the police.

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