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Warsaw, Bialoleka. Residents complain about libations in Park Magiczna

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Regardless of the weather, wooden houses in the Magiczna Park in Białołęka are occupied by people who have made them a place for booze parties. Residents complain, the interventions of the police and municipal guards are repeated. However, the park will remain open 24/7.

A reader, a resident of Białołęka, alerted us to the situation in Park Magiczna. – In the houses that stand in the park, libations with the participation of young people are notoriously held. Alcohol flows in streams, you can smell marijuana, you can hear singing and screaming – says the reader. – About two weeks ago, I saw the city guard and two police cars arrive in the park. A young man in handcuffs was led out of the houses. He was arrested for drug possession, he added.

He points out that the park used to be closed at night. – Now all four gates are open 24/7. It’s not so safe in the park anymore. Thanks to the roofing, alcohol-fueled events take place here regardless of the weather – the woman from Białołęka tells us.

He emphasizes that the park is used by parents with children. Many housing estates have been built in the area, which do not have a large playground. There are several of them in the park. It is also a good place to train in an open gym and run.

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The gates will be opened

We asked about the situation in the park at the Białołęka District Office, which takes care of this area. – Every year, we receive several complaints about the behavior of people using shelters. We have not noticed an increase in the number of applications recently. But residents also intervene in the case of incidents in Park Magiczna with the police and municipal guards – says Marzena Gawkowska, press spokeswoman for the district. – Due to the fact that holidays have begun, young people spend more time outside and the activity of some young people can be destructive for themselves and for the environment, we asked the police and municipal guards to take special care of the park – he adds.

There was information among the residents that the problematic houses were to be demolished. The district office did not confirm this. We’re considering different scenarios. But no final decision has been made on this matter. A few years ago, after a wave of devastation, we dismantled two walls in each shelter. Now it’s not so easy to hide in them. The gazebos and the park were built in 2014. They cost PLN 145,000 – explains Gawkowska.

Residents suggest the neighborhood should go back to closing the park late at night and opening it early in the morning when runners are using it. Białołęka’s town hall is planning such a move, but during summer nights the gates will remain open anyway. – In previous years, the park was closed for the night only in the autumn and winter season. Depending on the available funds, we plan to announce a tender, the scope of which will also cover the closure of Park Magicna in the months of October – March, Gawkowska said.

Benches, greenery and sports and recreation space

Park Magiczna is one of the youngest sports and recreation investments in the district. The project takes into account the results of public consultations from 2012. In the first stage, alleys were marked out along which benches were placed. The existing greenery was preserved and new trees and shrubs were planted. Around the entire area, there is an alley with a sidewalk for pedestrians and paths for cyclists and rollerbladers. Young people have gained a place for team games in the form of a multifunctional playing field, e.g. in soccer and basketball. There are also ping-pong tables and a skate park and a bike park.

In the next stage, the residents gained an outdoor gym and chess tables. Children, on the other hand, can play on several playgrounds adapted to different age groups. There is also a wild corner with animal figures and three educational gazebos.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

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