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Warsaw. Białołęka. Shopping center fire. What we know and what we don't know so far

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The fire broke out on Sunday morning in the Marywilska 44 shopping center in Warsaw's Białołęka district. The roof collapsed. The Chief Commander of the State Fire Service, Brigadier Mariusz Feltynowski, said that it was a “very strange situation” that 11 minutes after reporting to the fire brigade, most of the hall was on fire. Here are the most important information and questions that are still unanswered.

On Sunday before 4 p.m There was a fire in the shopping center at Marywilska Street in Warsaw's Białołęka district. It is the largest shopping center in Warsaw. There were over a thousand different points in it.

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Information about the fire – when did it reach the fire brigade?

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According to the information provided by the Chief Commander of the State Fire Service, Brigadier Mariusz Feltynowski, the fire brigade was notified of the fire by an automatic monitoring system installed in the hall at 3.31 a.m.

He said that the first two teams had been sent to the site. He added that upon their arrival, it turned out that “over two-thirds” of the shopping center was on fire. More troops were dispatched to the site, several dozen of them were involved in the operation.

Feltynowski said that “there is no information that we received the first signal to the emergency number.”

When asked whether the facility's security did not notice what was happening, he said that “this question should be directed to the owner of the facility.”

The roof collapsed, the structure destroyed

Junior brigadier Michał Konopka from the Warsaw fire brigade reported that “there were security workers on site as well as the first buyers who wanted to enter the workplace.” He added that they were evacuated to a safe place. According to information provided by the fire brigade, there are no injuries.

The fire is being extinguished. According to Karol Kierzkowski, spokesman for the Chief Commander of the State Fire Service, the structure of the hall is significantly damaged, the entire roof has collapsed inside.

Question marks and a “very strange situation”

The Chief Commander of the State Fire Service, Brigadier Mariusz Feltynowski, said that it was “very strange situation”that 11 minutes from the notification to the arrival of the fire brigade on site, such an area was engulfed in fire. – Perhaps the accumulation of materials, especially clothes, caused the fire to spread very quickly inside – he added.

“It's a very strange situation that after 11 minutes such an area was engulfed in fire”TVN24

However, he informed that “fire partitions were not closed in several places.” – The documentation we have shows that there were several fire zones, probably eight, but it can be seen with the naked eye that not all systems inside worked or perhaps they were disabled – he said.

When asked whether this meant that the fire started in eight places, he explained that “if a building is large, it is preventively divided into a certain area so that the fire does not spread.” – Here, too, it was not one large fire zone, but several. Perhaps eight, we are checking this documentation, he added.

– The fire alarm worked because the fire brigade was notified, but closing the zones to prevent the fire from spreading may not have worked – said Feltynowski.

State Fire Service chemists check air quality

In connection with the fire, chemists from the State Fire Service analyze air quality. Senior Brigadier Karol Kierzkowski explained that firefighters checked the wind direction and it turned out that the smoke cloud spread towards Łomianki and Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, and partially also reached the Pruszków poviat.

– We have slightly exceeded the standards, but it is not dangerous to the life and health of residents – he said.

Warsaw shopping center on fire.  Drone footage

Warsaw shopping center on fire. Drone footage City Reporter

RCB Alert

The Government Security Center issued an alert for residents of Warsaw and the following counties: Western Warsaw, Legionowo and Nowy Dwór.

“Attention! Fire in the market hall at ul. Marywilska 44 in Warsaw. Do not approach the fire site. If you can, stay at home and close the windows,” appeals RCB.

Unknown man in the burning center

During firefighting, go to the fenced area around the burning area An unknown man ran into the Marywilska 44 shopping center. Photos from the scene published by the Polish Press Agency show a man wearing a black T-shirt and gray pants running along the burning object with an object resembling a gun.

The fire brigade confirmed that an incident had occurred. The man was detained by the police.

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Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymański

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