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Warsaw, Bielany. The first ones stood in the Northern Cemetery

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The first ones in Warsaw appeared at the gates of the Northern Cemetery in Bielany. You can leave a candle there without an insert, to be reused. The project was initiated by several councilors under the Civic Budget. – All this in order not to waste things and reduce the amount of waste produced – explains one of them.

One of the Bielany councilors, Krystian Lisiak, informed about the first torch-sharing centers in Warsaw. “They were placed at every gate to the Northern Cemetery in Wólka Węglowa. This is a project that I submitted to the civic budget together with Beata Niedomagała and Agata Mikołajczyk” – wrote Lisiak on Facebook. As he explained, a torch is a place in a cemetery where you can leave candles without re-use. “All this in order not to waste things and reduce the amount of waste produced. I think that it will also be a form of support for everyone who has to take into account every penny spent” – noted the councilor.


He also thanked the Department of Social Affairs and Addiction Prevention for the implementation of the project, the Bielany District Office and Grzegorz Pietruczuk – the mayor of the Bielany district. “The symbolism really works! I came for a moment to see what the final project looks like, and I have already met two people who put down the candles and one who used the candles left” – summed up the councilor.

At the end of March The first food-sharing facility was also established in Bielany at Przybyszewskiego Street, a place where everyone can leave a meal or groceries and give others a chance to have a treat for free:


“The food share is for everyone from everyone”Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl
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Main photo source: Facebook, Krystian Lisiak

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