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Warsaw. Bielany. The guard was leaving the store with her daughter, a drunk driver almost run over them

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On a day off from work, the city guard went shopping with her daughter. Suddenly a car hit the stairs they were standing on with great force. An officer stopped a driver who admitted that he had drunk alcohol.

As reported by the municipal police, a guard from the 5th Field Department on Saturday, on her day off from work, her daughter went shopping at Kasprowicza Street.

The guard took the keys from him

“Suddenly, a Ford hit the stairs where she was standing with her daughter. The man who was driving him, about 60 years old, tried to maneuver the steering wheel to go down the stairs, but the car’s engine stopped. A stain of leaking fluids appeared under the vehicle” – we read City guard message. As described later, there was a gasoline smell. The man tried to start the engine, which could lead to a fire.

“The officer asked the man if he drank alcohol, and when the driver admitted that he was, she took the car keys from him. The guard called the fire brigade and the police,” we read on.

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He had a ounce of alcohol

The firefighters neutralized the operating fluids. As reported by the municipal police, the man tried to leave at that time, but the officer and a random passer-by prevented him from escaping from the scene. “After the arrival of the police, the man was tested with a breathalyzer. He had over 1.5 per mille in the exhaled air” – summed up the guards.

We also described a chase after a drunk driver and a collision with another car on Rzymowskiego Street:

The chase after the drunk driver ended in a collisionArtur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: City guard in Warsaw

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