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Warsaw, Bielany. They will rebuild the intersection of Powązkowska and Obrońców Tobruku. There will be a roundabout

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The intersection of Powązkowska and Obrońców Tobruku streets will be reconstructed. There will be a roundabout here. The Municipal Roads Authority indicates that the investment will improve safety at pedestrian crossings, which are extremely dangerous in this place.

As explained in the ZDM communiqué, the above-mentioned intersection fared extremely badly in the safety audit conducted in previous years. “At the intersection of Powązkowska and Obrońców Tobruku streets, the rule of broken priority applies. Practice shows that not all drivers are able to use this type of solution. In addition, Powązkowska Street from the Waldorff side is a long, straight section of the road, conducive to developing high speeds” – they indicate in the release road workers. The broken right-of-way applies at intersections where the course of the road with priority is different than straight ahead. As ZDM further explains, “a straight section of Powązkowska suggests to the driver that he is on a priority street, and is on a subordinate inlet and is approaching a priority road.

At the intersection, there are three pedestrian crossings marked with the T-27 sign, which informs that the zebra crossings are often used by children. “The situation is not improved by the vehicles (including trucks) parked right next to the crossing. They cover the signs indicating the approach to the intersection and limit visibility, which poses a serious threat” – emphasizes ZDM. Visibility is also limited by vegetation at the property on the corner of intersecting streets. In turn, for pedestrians, an obstacle is a power pole standing in the middle of the sidewalk in the light of the road crossing.

Additional funds for redevelopment

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“The situation at the intersection of Powązkowska and Obrońców Tobruku is unacceptable and needs to be changed urgently. Therefore, in accordance with the recommendations after the audit, we will build a roundabout here. on the side of Maczka Street and move the power pole outside the clear passage – enumerates ZDM.

Road workers pointed out that the Council of Warsaw allocated additional funds for the reconstruction of the dangerous intersection. Currently, preparations are underway to announce a tender for construction works.

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Main photo source: ZDM

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