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Warsaw. Big egg already in color

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Works on the artistic installation “Pieskla”, which will be erected on Plac Pięci Rogów, are coming to an end. The shell of the several-meter-long egg has already acquired a blue color, dark spots are painted on it. The sculpture was invented by Joanna Rajkowska, the creator of the palm tree on the de Gaulle roundabout.

“Pieskla” is a two-metre-high acoustic sculpture in the shape of a thrush’s egg, which will stand at the intersection of Krucza, Bracka, Chmielna, Szpitalna and Zgoda (officially, it is Pola Negri Square, but the more common name is Five Rogów Square). Photos of the ongoing works were published by the Municipal Roads Authority.

– The egg is still being worked on. The outer shell is being prepared – Jakub Dybalski, ZDM spokesman, told us. The two-meter sculpture is made of acrylic plaster. It is supposed to be pleasant to the touch, and at the same time durable, vandal resistant. – The egg, in addition to the external structure, will be equipped with a sound system, it will make sounds. But this stage is still ahead of us – Dybalski clarified. As he added, the sculpture will eventually be placed on the platform.

When will “Pieskla” appear on Five Corners Square? – We do not give the date yet – we heard from the spokesman of road workers. However, “Gazeta Stołeczna” informs that the egg is to appear on the square on May 8.

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Thanks and vibrations of the hatching chick

The author of the sculpture is Joanna Rajkowska, an artist who created e.g. a palm tree at the de Gaulle roundabout or a non-existent oxygen plant at Plac Grzybowski. But this installation, in addition to “looking”, will “sound”. The loudspeaker will transmit the sounds of a bird that is hatching: heartbeat, flow of physiological fluids, movement, work of the beak, vocal rehearsals.

– The egg is an acoustic sculpture. It is an object whose most important function will be to make sounds. In fact, it will be a giant loudspeaker, of course discreet, quiet, so as not to bother the residents. It will activate when someone approaches – the artist told us in mid-April.

However, in order to hear the sounds coming from the egg well, you will need to put your ear to the shell. Then we will also feel the vibration.

The sculpture of a thrush’s egg will be erected on the Five Horns SquareWXCA

The construction of the egg costs PLN 207,000

The contractor for the sculpture was selected through a tender. It was Art Sewi, a company from Białka Rzeszowska. He constructs the sculpture, the cost of which is approximately PLN 207,000. The sound system will be provided by Blackfish Studio from Bydgoszcz. Its price is approximately PLN 53.5 thousand gross.

The sculpture of a thrush’s egg will be erected on the Five Horns SquareWXCA

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Five Horns Square under the watchful eye of the city guardTomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: administration of cities roads

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