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Warsaw. Black cat. The construction supervision decided: the most famous lawlessness will be dismantled

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The County Building Supervision Inspector decided to demolish the remains of the Czarny Kot hotel at 65 Okopowa Street, i.e. the most famous construction violation in Warsaw. The decision will become final on Friday and – as the director of the Wola Management Board of Real Estate Management announced – within a few days the vacancy will be razed to the ground.

Czarny Kot is soon to disappear from the plot at 65 Okopowa Street. The whole area and the building fell into the hands of Wola officials in August and since then was protected against settlement attempts. At the same time, administrative works were carried out to complete the inevitable fate of the former hotel – the demolition. – In August, a report on the condition of the property was drawn up by the bailiff, on the basis of which the Poviat Building Supervision Inspector was to decide about the condition of the building – says Adam Hać, the deputy mayor of Wola, quoted in the press release.

This administrative procedure has just ended and the decision should become final on Friday. According to the spokesman of the Wola office, Mateusz Witczyński, PINB confirmed that the facility is a threat to security, and that renovation and modernization works are unprofitable and further maintenance of the vacancy would involve additional costs.


Wolski ZGN: within a few days the vacancy will be razed to the ground

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When the PINB order becomes final, the contractor will secure and partition the area, and then introduce heavy demolition equipment there. – We anticipate that the vacancy will be razed to the ground within a few days – Mateusz Matejewski, the director of the ZGN in Wola, also announced.

The local plan for this place provides for commercial buildings up to 25 meters high. – The property will be commercialized, and the district management would like to finance the construction of an educational institution for the residents of the area of ​​Burakowska Street. It cannot be ruled out, however, that if the assumptions of the so-called Polish Deal are not modified, it will be necessary to allocate them to finance the deficit in the city’s coffers caused by the government’s actions, says Witczyński.

Lawlessness with a long history

Czarny Kot was the most famous Warsaw arbitrariness. From a pavilion built in the 1980s, it was extended to a seven-story building. In 2010, the city authorities took steps to recover the plot. Final judgment in the case of the Czarny Kot hotel handed down in March, when the court rejected the owners’ appeal against the verdict ordering the property to be handed over to the city. In mid-June, the authorities of Wola appealed to a bailiff to take over the plot. This one entered the most famous construction violation at the beginning of August.

Earlier, the construction supervision – indicating that Czarny Kot was built arbitrarily – ordered the demolition of the building from the second floor upwards. Moreover, the justifications emphasized that the building’s location was in breach of technical and construction regulations. The Supreme Administrative Court issued a final judgment in mid-December 2018. At that time, a procedure was launched that was to lead to the demolition of the hotel from the second floor upwards. The demolition works started in December 2019 and ended four months later, in April.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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