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Warsaw. Bobrza burrow under Radzymińska Street. There was a risk that the road would slide

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The beaver lived in a hole at Radzymińska Street. One of the corridors he had built could collapse. The entrance to the burrow was located right next to the street, posing a threat to pedestrians and cyclists. According to the Municipal Roads Authority, the sinkhole was half a meter deep. There was a risk that the road would collapse.

On November 2, a report was received via the Warszawa 19115 application: “Radzimińska between ul. Bystra and Ząbki, on the other side of the BP station, a beaver hole has collapsed right next to the street. A request to check whether there is a risk of landslides and take care of the animal.” Photos have been added showing sunken ground on the roadside trampled by pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, a call was made to the city hotline at 19115 to ensure that intervention would be initiated.

The author of the entry was Bogdan Kalinowski, from the Nasza Bóbr association. Its content was sent to the Municipal Roads Authority, because it is responsible for Radzymińska Street, where the beaver habitat was located. – When I saw the hole on the road, I had no doubt that there was a beaver burrow underneath – said Bogdan Kalinowski, quoted in the release by ZDM. – One of the beaver corridors probably collapsed. A few meters away there are allotment gardens. Between them and the road there is a canal where a beaver feeds.

As Kalinowski, quoted by ZDM, added, the beaver has its habitat in this area. – Although entering it may seem harmless from the outside, you must remember that it is quite deep inside and there is a risk that it may collapse under heavy weight. The beaver needs a burrow because it is a place of shelter and rearing of its young, and it is also a hiding place for it from predators. In the city, beavers are most threatened by large dogs. They are hunted in wild areas by wolves, lynxes and bears, and small beavers may be threatened by smaller animals, such as foxes, he told road workers.

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A thermal imaging camera was used to check whether there was a beaver in the hole

The road ambulance arrived on site two hours later. The employee confirmed what the resident reported. “A sinkhole in the lawn, about 0.5 meters deep, running towards a nearby drainage ditch, a burrow visible on the slope. The road is undamaged,” ZDM quoted the content of the note prepared after the site visit in the ZDM press release.

The day after reporting, a decision is made that the place must be secured. It was temporarily fenced off to protect the roadside, where the entrance to the burrow is, from hitting a hole in the ground. According to the ZDM press release, these actions were intended to ensure the safety not only of the rodent that may be inside, but also of pedestrians and cyclists traveling there.

Road workers filled in the beaver’s burrowadministration of cities roads

The Road Renovation and Maintenance Department was responsible for further work on the beaver den. He was in constant contact with the resident who reported the matter. Representatives of the Nasz Bóbr association were to arrive on site when the services started repairing the roadside.

– We have a thermal imaging camera that allows us to check whether there is an animal in the hole. It wasn’t needed then. It was enough to check organoleptically whether there was a beaver in the sinkhole, and when it hears sounds from outside, it hides deeper into the nest chamber. There is a system of corridors underground that lead in different directions, and their exits are under the water. For him, this is ultimately the safest solution in an emergency situation – explained Bogdan Kalinowski to the Municipal Roads Authority.

When it was certain that the beaver was not inside, the team started filling the hole in the road. It was filled with sand and cement to harden the ground enough to prevent it from collapsing. – In nature, such places do not pose any major threat, but here it is an extremely unfriendly area for such activities – emphasizes Bogdan Kalinowski.

Road workers filled in the beaver’s burrowadministration of cities roads

Will there be a fence?

“Talks are currently underway between representatives of the Nasza Bóbr association and the Greenery Board and the City Roads Board to secure the road and trees for the future,” ZDM said in a statement. He added that the management of nearby allotment gardens is also involved in the talks.

– We constantly monitor this place. We know that the beaver did not move out of there. You can see even fresh bite marks. A good solution would be to install a fence separating this place from the road. Both for the safety of the beaver and the drivers, said Bogdan Kalinowski, quoted by ZDM.

However, as the road workers noted in the announcement, such works will not be carried out for now due to the prevailing weather conditions. “It’s snowing and the ground is frozen,” they clarified.

Main photo source: ZDM

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