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Warsaw. Break-in at the parliamentary office of the Law and Justice party. Broken glass, burned promotional materials

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There was a break-in at night in the parliamentary office of the Law and Justice party in Ursus. The perpetrators broke a window and took out promotional materials, which they then burned in a nearby square. The police detained three teenagers in this case. At the time of capture, everyone was drunk.

The deputies’ office is located in a building at 9 Bohaterów Warszawy Street. It is used by MPs Jarosław Krajewski and Małgorzata Gosiewska. Both reported on Thursday about the case on social media. According to MP Krajewski, at night someone destroyed the entrance to the office and burst inside.

Dariusz Grylak, a PiS councilor from Ursus, who appeared at the scene on Thursday morning, also told about the break-in in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl. As he explained, the police were informed about the case by a random person who saw the damage to the premises. – The glass was completely broken. She lay shattered in the center of the room. In the presence of a policeman, I went inside. It turned out that the wardrobes had been looked over. There was one cabinet with gadgets, from which a packet of pens was lost – describes the councilor.

– What made me scared: we also had little flags with the PiS logo stolen. A bonfire was made of these flags in a nearby square. When symbols with some kind of logo are burned, it’s not good. It was not an ordinary act of vandalism, but an act of political vandalism – says councilor Grylak.

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Police: we detained three drunk 17-year-olds

– I confirm that we received a report of a break-in at one of the facilities on Bohaterów Warszawy Street during the night. The policemen were directed to the place. As it turned out, the perpetrators took out the leaflets from the building and set them on fire at Plac Tysiąclecia – Karol Cebula from the Warsaw III District Police Headquarters informed tvnwarszawa.pl.

He added that the policemen soon detained three 17-year-olds. “They were all drunk,” he noted.

Proceedings have already been initiated in the case. – We are leading them in the direction of theft with burglary – said Onion.

According to PiS, the hacking issue has a political context

According to MP Krajewski, the issue has a political background. “Total opposition, such a Civic Platform, more and more often, instead of the strength of arguments, it uses the argument of force. With this result” – he said on Twitter. It was similarly assessed by the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Małgorzata Gosiewska, who wrote: “Donald Tusk has recently announced that he will take over the institutions of the Polish state by force. There is a reaction.”

– It is a branch of the deputies’ office, where we meet the residents and then forward their affairs to the deputies. It was an attack on the parliamentary institution. It was not breaking a window in a nearby shop or pharmacy, someone did it in a typical manifestation of hatred, which, unfortunately, we have full of in political life – said councilor Grylak.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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