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Warsaw, Bródnowski Park. The villagers built floating islands to help the little ducks

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Two floating islands appeared in the water reservoir in Bródnowski Park. This is the idea of ​​the inhabitants to help the little ducks that were trapped in the water.

Bartosz Wieczorek responded to the idea on the initiative “No for the development of Park Bródnowski”. – When a new water basin was made some time ago, they forgot to make an exit for ducks and a water island where little ducklings can rest. They can’t stay in the water all the time because they die. They’re freezing and mom has no way to keep them warm,” he said.

He noted that the district office has been informed about this, but the installation of the island and the footbridge will take some time. “Apparently, officials have initiated the appropriate procedures, but we are afraid that the ducklings will not last the next days or weeks” – they complained in the description of the event on Facebook.

“They couldn’t get out of this basin”

– Two or three weeks ago, six ducklings were born, of which only five are left. They poor ones, they couldn’t get out of this basin and they got trapped in it. They had nowhere to rest, so they came to the aerator, which is in the middle of the water. But it’s dangerous there, because they can fall down,” Wieczorek said.

The people decided to help them. – We banded together, everyone brought what they had: a pallet, styrofoam, grass, plants and a weight. We made two islands and we already have photos that they fulfilled the owl’s task, because these little ducks are resting there – said Bartosz Wieczorek. About 15-20 people participated in the event.

– This is not an ideal solution, because it would be necessary to make such a permanent, solid platform so that they could freely enter from the water level. Ours is floating, so when the wind blows, it moves. But we figured it was better than nothing. Now we are waiting for the actions of the office – he noted.

“It is indeed a problem”

The district town hall knows about the case and announces action. – It is indeed a problem. Next week, work will begin on the construction of devices to facilitate the life of ducks, spokesman for the Targówek district, Rafał Lasota, told PAP.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

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