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Warsaw. Bronisław Geremek’s mural in Wola

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On the 43rd anniversary of the August Agreements, which initiated the fall of communism in Poland, a mural by prof. Bronisława Geremek at Wolność Street. – The figure of Bronisław Geremek should make us reflect on how important democracy is and that we have to fight for it – said Renata Kaznowska, vice-president of Warsaw, during the ceremony.

The mural can be seen on the facade of the XXX Secondary School. Jana Śniadeckiego at 1/3 Wolność Street. The painting’s unveiling ceremony on Thursday was attended by: Ryszard Schnepf, former Polish ambassador to the USA; Ignacy Niemczycki, president of the Center Foundation. prof. Bronisława Geremek; Vice-President of Warsaw Renata Kaznowska; senator Aleksander Pociej; MPs: Andrzej Halicki, Michał Szczerba and former Ombudsman Adam Bodnar.

A mural was created in Wola depicting prof. Bronisław Geremek TVN24

– In 1974, one of my friends in the corridor of the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences in the Old Town Square gave me the opportunity and the honor to approach the professor who was sitting among his students – with the indispensable pipe, of course – and exchange a few words. By that time, the professor was already a legend. It was still a long way from being an MP, head of the foreign affairs committee, minister of foreign affairs and MEP – he recalled during the unveiling ceremony. mural Ryszard Schnepf.

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He added that among young historians at that time, Geremek was known as a rebel. – Together with two other professors – Professor Krystyna Kersten and Professor Tadeusz Łepkowski, who was my teacher and my supervisor – they threw party cards in 1968 after the invasion of Czechoslovakia – emphasized the former Polish ambassador to the US. – Those who have a slightly longer historical memory know how risky it was. It could have broken your life, it could have broken your entire professional career, it could have ruled you out – added Schnepf.

He assessed that the professors protested in this way against “the clear violation of democracy, which was in its heyday.”

A mural was created in Wola depicting prof. Bronisław Geremek TVN24

Earlier, murals by Koroń and Lityński were created

Vice-President of Warsaw, Renata Kaznowska, in turn, assessed that Prof. Geremek “led us from communism to a democratic state of law.”

– He looks from this mural, unique because it is colorful and warm, just as he was a warm and unique person – she said. As she recalled, in recent years, murals by Jacek Kuroń (designed by Wilhelm Sasnal) and Jan Lityński (designed by Bruno Neuhamer) by his loved ones were unveiled on the walls of Wola. The Wolskie Cultural Center is responsible for the program. – Let these murals be an excuse for us. First of all, it is a pretext for young people to reflect and think about how important democracy is and that we have to fight for it, Kaznowska appealed.

A mural with Jacek Kuroń was created on the high school building at Złota StreetMateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

Mural by Jan Lityński TVN24

Wola was and is the cradle of democracy – it was here that 10 elected rulers were elected, and here the workers’ protests took place, without whom there would not have been August 1980 and the belief that the hegemon could be defeated. There are many platforms for talking about freedom and democracy that brought us to Wola today, noted Krzysztof Strzałkowski, mayor of Wola.

Aleksandra Jasionowska. Who is the author of the mural?

The author of the Bronisław Geremek mural design is Aleksandra Jasionowska, who deals with socially important topics in her artistic practices. She is the author of the visual identification of numerous social and ecological campaigns, including the Women’s Strike, and the creator of characteristic posters for the capital city of Warsaw. As noted, this is consistent with the professor’s interests, whose research focused on marginalized groups and excluded people.

Jasionowska achieves strong illustrations using simple graphic techniques. So it was this time. “Recalling the figure of the professor, we were looking for the most emblematic gestures, details and expressions of the character, hence the much-missed pipe (or the gesture of holding it?) and the characteristic arrangement of hands next to the face. Thanks to these treatments, the figure becomes very readable, and at the same time close and familiar. The portrait has a limited palette four colors, and the focal point of the design is smoke and tinted glasses,” the district explained in a press release promoting the event.

Main photo source: TVN24

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