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Warsaw. Burning of the German flag and photos of Donald Tusk at the Independence March. The police established the identity of two people

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The city center police are investigating the burning of the German flag and the image of Donald Tusk during the march of nationalists. Police officers have already identified the identities of two people who may be related to these incidents. The perpetrators will be responsible for the careless handling of explosives, disturbing public order and littering public places.

This year’s The Independence March, organized by national circles, was held as a state celebration. This status was given to it due to the court case of registering the march as a cyclical assembly, in which decisions were made unfavorable to its organizers. Participants walked from Dmowski roundabout to the grounds of the National Stadium in a calm atmosphere, but there were a few incidents.

During the march Among other things, the German flag was burned and a portrait of Donald Tusk. Recordings and photos of the event circulated on November 11 on social media. The Warsaw police announced then that the materials appearing on the network will be analyzed and the officers will assess whether the law has been broken and how to classify these events.

The police have images of the perpetrators

As we learned at the end of the week, both cases were transferred to the Warsaw I District Police Headquarters in Śródmieście. – Both in the case of the burning of the German flag and the burning of Donald Tusk’s image, the activities are carried out by our team for misdemeanors – Robert Szumiata, the press officer of the downtown police informed our editorial office.

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– We already have the established identities of two people related to these events. We have images of the other perpetrators and we are trying to establish their identity, said Szumiata. “When that happens, all these people will be charged under article 83 in conjunction with articles 51 and 145 of the Code of Petty Offenses,” he said.

This means that the perpetrators will be responsible for careless handling of flammable materials (risk of arrest, fines or reprimands), disturbing the peace or public order (arrest, restriction of liberty or a fine) and littering a public place (fine up to 500 zlotys or a rebuke).

Officers are also still looking for witnesses to both incidents. Persons with information on this subject should contact NPC I or the nearest police unit.


Screen of recording with the German flag being set on fire Tita / Twitter

Why is there no investigation into the insulting of the flag?

Immediately after the march of the nationalists, questions arose why the burning of the German flag would not be investigated to insult it.

The spokesman of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, Sylwester Marczak, explained then that the abovementioned event did not fulfill the features of an act under Article 137 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code, referring to insulting the flag of a foreign country, displayed by a representative office of that country or on the order of a Polish authority. As he explained, in order for a rule to be violated, the flag must be displayed by a given entity.

In practice, this means that the flag would have to be on a mast, for example, in front of an embassy or diplomatic mission.

Main photo source: Tita / Twitter

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