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Warsaw. Bus drivers are trained to help people with disabilities

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Together with the Integration Foundation, Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe organized training for drivers in the field of helping passengers with disabilities. Drivers learned, among other things, how to help the blind and visually impaired in using public transport, but also what amenities the latest buses have. MZA also announces spots that passengers will soon watch.

MZA was represented by a group of 22 experienced drivers, the so-called “patrons” who train young drivers starting work in the company on a daily basis. – Representatives of the Integracja Foundation talked about their experiences in using public transport, and also provided many valuable tips that will help drivers react appropriately to the sight of a passenger with a white cane or a person in a wheelchair. They taught drivers how to offer help and how to provide it, MZA spokesman Adam Stawicki said in a statement.

Drivers as people with disabilities

He noted that in order to better understand the challenges faced by passengers with mobility, vision, hearing, intellectual or speech disabilities, MZA drivers used equipment such as prams, canes for the blind, blindfolds during practical classes. and goggles simulating vision defects. – They personally experienced and practiced specific actions performed in the most common situations during the journey of a person with a disability, such as tilting a wheelchair when entering a vehicle or guiding a blind person – the spokesman said. – I met with a lot of openness, empathy, with such an ordinary human approach that I value the most. The drivers who participated in the training gave me a lot of will to continue. I see great sense in it. This was no ordinary training. There was an exchange of thoughts, experiences, willingness to practice and gain knowledge. It was a good day for all of us. I also learned a lot – summed up Łukasz Bednarski, trainer of the Integration Foundation. – We had contact with people with various disabilities – movement, vision, hearing, but we could also face these issues ourselves to better understand the needs and difficulties of a person who is blind or has a mobility problem – said Aleksander Choromański, dispatcher and the driver of the MZA. – This is very necessary and it would be good if this knowledge was passed on to a wider group – assessed Stefan Biernat, MZA driver.

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A very important and valuable lesson for drivers

MZA spokesman concluded that it was a “very important and valuable lesson” for all drivers. – Patron drivers will pass on the acquired knowledge to their charges, which will affect the comfort of travel for passengers with disabilities – he assured. He also reminded that MZA bus drivers undergo cyclical periodic training, as part of which they are provided with knowledge on the specifics of servicing people with disabilities. – It often happens that we do not provide assistance to people with disabilities, because we don’t know how to do it. Wanting to create a more accessible world together, in which everyone feels good, Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe together with the Integration Foundation have prepared a special material – a few basic rules of behavior towards people with disabilities – in order to reach as many people as possible with the message. Action spots will be displayed on screens in MZA buses, announced the spokesman.

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