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Warsaw. By tram to Vinnytsia – when will they start the route?

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The capital city hall has announced that the new tram route to the Winnica estate in Białołęka is fully ready. The trams will start for the first time on Saturday, September 4.

The extended route runs from Strumykowa Street and ends in tram and bus loops near Modlińska Street. The extension of the tram route to Winnica is a joint investment of the Public Transport Authority and Warsaw Trams. ZTM was involved in the construction of a new, two-lane section of Światowida Street with a bus terminus, and the tram drivers were involved in the construction of the tracks. In May, the Public Transport Authority announced that the construction of a new route and roadway is expected to end by the end of July 2021.

Lines 2 and 17 will go to Vinnytsia

As announced by the town hall, from Saturday the trams will go about 1.3 kilometers further than today. The routes of two lines will be extended: 2 and 17. For the “two”, it is a change of the route from the temporary terminus in Nowodwory, where there was a turnout for two-way trams, to the new one in Winnica. The tram will reach the Młociny metro station in 15 minutes.

The trains of line 17, which end today at the Tarchomin Kościelny loop, will also go on a new route. Thanks to the construction of a classic loop in Winnica, one-way trams can turn back here. Line 17 will provide the residents of Winnica and Nowodwory with a direct connection to Śródmieście, including the Central Railway Station, and Mokotów. As announced by the city hall, the tram will cover the route to the ONZ roundabout in just over 35 minutes.

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In Winnica, passengers will be able to get off the trams of both lines at the same stop – the “number two” will continue straight to the junction, enabling the change of direction, and the “seventeen” will turn onto the loop, where it will have one more stop. In the other direction, until 5 p.m., travelers will get on the loop or at the joint stop 2 on Światowida Street.

New bus terminus

As part of the investment, a bus terminus was also built, where routes 509 and N03 will be extended. Line 509 will provide the residents of the estate with a new direct access to Żerań, the center of Praga and Gocław. The N03 line, on the other hand, will provide nighttime communication services for Vinnitsa and will, in a way, be a continuation of the connections provided by buses of the 509 line (via Żerań to the center of Prague).

As the town hall pointed out in the announcement, the Mehoffera Street roadways, bicycle paths, and concrete slab pavements were built at the same time. There is also new greenery – lawns, trees, ornamental shrubs. The intersections were equipped with traffic lights, lanterns were installed along the sidewalks. At the end sections of Poetów Street, which was cut by the new Światowida Street, the maneuvering areas were lined with field stones from the historic pavement of the former street. There is also a social building for drivers and tram drivers at the bus terminus.

The route will run from Strumykowa Street to Modlińska Street ZTM

What about the extension of Światowid?

The City Hall announces that further investments in public transport are planned in this area. The next stage will be the construction of the extension of Światowida Street to Modlińska Street along with the construction of the intersection. At the last session, the Warsaw Council resolved to transfer an additional PLN 18 million for this investment. On the other hand, the Public Transport Authority wants to announce a tender for the construction in September. Opening this fragment will allow, inter alia, direct suburban lines to Winnica from Jabłonna, which will greatly facilitate access to the subway from the north of Warsaw and the agglomeration.

The last element of the creation of the final transfer node at this point will be a new bus and tram loop with the P + R car park. “The concept of how such a junction should look like is already being prepared – its construction, however, depends on the financial capabilities of Warsaw. The preliminary assumptions for this facility include, in addition to integrated stop platforms facilitating transfers, also parking spaces for buses, holding tracks for trams and parking for several hundred places parking for passenger cars, including vehicles for people with disabilities “- we read in the announcement of the town hall.

Officials point out that there are more and more electric buses in the city, which is why there are also planned charging stations for such vehicles at the new hub. There will also be bicycle stands and “Kiss and Ride” parking zones.

Main photo source: Warsaw trams

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