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Warsaw. Cat Noir taken over by the city

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On Thursday, August 5, Cat Noir was officially taken over by the city. The bailiff’s execution went smoothly. Now the task of the district will be to organize and secure the plot of land before it becomes the disposition of the City Property Office.

Final judgment in the case of the Czarny Kot hotel was issued in March after a court heard an appeal by landlords against the verdict ordering them to hand over the property to the city. In mid-June the authorities of Wola applied to the bailiff for the takeover of the plot. This entered the area of ​​the most famous construction violation on Thursday.

– The intervention took place in a very calm atmosphere. The bailiff’s activities have been completed. The protocol was written down. Now we come to the next stage, namely the ZGN must secure the seized assets. Then the real estate will be transferred to the City Property Office. Before that happens, as a district, we must clean up the area – told us the mayor of Wola, Krzysztof Strzałkowski.

– I do not hide my satisfaction that this court battle ended as expected by the city and district authorities – he emphasized.

After the plot is taken over by the City Property Office, it will be put up for sale. According to the Local Development Plan, the plot is to be intended for trade and services with a building height of up to 25 meters.

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The district authorities announced that they would make efforts to allocate the proceeds from the sale of the plot to educational purposes.

“The ugliest building in the capital”

Czarny Kot at Okopowa Street was built at the end of the 1980s as a one-story hotel, but in the following years the owners started extending it with new floors. By some residents and the authorities of the capital, the hotel was sometimes called an “architectural monster”, “gargamel” and “the most famous construction arbitrariness”. The mayor of Wola once described it as “the ugliest building in the capital and the most famous construction lawlessness”.

Construction supervision, indicating that Czarny Kot was built arbitrarily, ordered the owners to demolish the building from the second floor upwards. Moreover, the justifications emphasized that the building’s location was in breach of technical and construction regulations. The Supreme Administrative Court issued a final judgment in mid-December 2018. At that time, a procedure was launched that was to lead to the demolition of the hotel from the second floor upwards.

The demolition works started in December 2019 and ended four months later, in April.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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