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Warsaw. Changes in public transport from September. School lines are back

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From September 1, public transport timetables will change. School lines are returning to students, while trams will run just like during the summer holidays.

As the town hall informed, the first post-vacation changes in transport will be introduced from September 1. And so, buses from school lines will be on the route again: 304, 320, 323, 332 and 379, and buses will drive up in front of educational institutions 121, 153, 163 and 164while the line 181 will run on a longer route. The following buses will also return to service their routes: 130, 195 (on a new route after the opening of the Southern Bypass of Warsaw), 200, 339, 340 (only during rush hours), L24, L33 and L44. The following buses will be suspended: 284 (as before, buses of the line will reach the Znana loop 201) and E-2and on weekends: 196, 249, 256, 262 and 501. Buses will run shortened routes on weekends 121.

Basic line layouts will be restored: 110, 133, 140, 141, 150, 166, 170, 172, 173, 178, 183, 186, 210, 211, 245, 250, 269, 338, 411, 502, 511, 512, 517, 518, 519, 521, 522, 704, 709, 710, 713, 714, 716, 717, 719, 723, 724, 731, 736, 738, 739, 743, 750, L-4, L24 and L47 and only on weekdays for the lines: 131, 179, 193, 507 and 520. With timetables valid for the duration of the holidays, there will be trams (every 5 or every 10 minutes in rush hours, every 7.5 or every 15 minutes off-peak) and buses of the following lines: 104, 105, 108, 114, 122, 158, 181, 191, 194, 523, E-1 and E-9.

The City Hall assured that the ZTM would monitor the occupancy of WTP vehicles on an ongoing basis and respond to passenger interest – by adjusting timetables, additional courses or changing the rolling stock serving a given line.

Changes in Praga-Południe

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From Monday, September 6, the route of the bus lines will change 102. The timetable will be coordinated with 202, buses on the common section of the route will more often come to the stops. On the current route 102, buses from the new line will travel from the Olszynka Grochowska railway station to Emilia Plater 302. As indicated by the city hall, these changes will improve the WTP service in the intensively developing northern part of Kamionek – buses will go along W. Chrzanowskiego Street and thus create a connection towards communication nodes at the Wschodni Railway Station (trams, buses, railway) and the Stadion Narodowy metro station (buses, metro, railway).

In addition, there is a line in the area of ​​new housing estates 102 will support the existing line 123 (the number of seats in buses will double), and in terms of area, for the entire northern Grochów and Kamionek, along with the 202, will improve the connection with the M2 metro line (buses 102 and 202 “paired” will run every 7.5 minutes during peak hours, and every 10 minutes off-peak and on non-working days). At the same time, a direct line connection with Śródmieście will be maintained on weekdays 302. These changes were prepared in such a way that in the future it would be possible to divert buses to the new streets planned today. Ultimately, after the construction of Żupnicza Street on the Chodakowska – Podskarbińska section with stops, lines 102 and 123 will be directed to the route:… – Chrzanowskiego – Podskarbińska – Żupnicza -….

102: PKP OLSZYNKA GROCHOWSKA – J. Chłopickiego – Szaserów – Wiatraczna – W. Chrzanowskiego – Mińska – Chodakowska – Żupnicza – Bliska – Lubelska – J. Zamoyskiego – Targowa – Sokola – METRO STADIUM NATIONAL.

These are not all corrections in Kamionek. In September, a new bus terminus will be opened at Podskarbińska Street. Line buses 311 they can reach it via the route: GOCŁAW -… – Podskarbińska – a new loop at ul. Podskarbińska – Podskarbińska – Mińska – Terespolska – Grochowska -… – GOCŁAW.

Pandemic and public transport

As estimated by the city hall, in 2021, despite mass vaccinations, the pandemic does not allow itself to be forgotten yet. The inhabitants of the capital often work remotely and travel less around the city.

“A large group of passengers, which has not been in WTP vehicles for a long time, are students (most of the classes this academic year were conducted remotely). Today, Warsaw Public Transport is used by half as many passengers as before the pandemic; despite the pandemic limitations of social life have been abolished, not all passengers have returned to communication yet – usually less than 30 percent during the holidays. ” – officials calculated.

We also informed about additional tracks and the stop that will appear in Grochów:

PKP PLK announces the renovation of the tracks between the Eastern Railway Station and the Warszawa Wawer stationTomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: WTP

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