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Warsaw. Changes in the Cichociemni Park at Górka Kazurka. The contractor will build playgrounds, a bicycle path and a “monkey grove”

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Ursynowski Park im. Cichociemnych Paratroopers of the Home Army will soon undergo a metamorphosis. The Management Board of Greenery has selected a contractor for the work. The concept assumes the construction of two playgrounds and an educational trail referring to the history of the park’s patrons. There will also be more trees and shrubs. The investment is to be ready in the last quarter of next year.

Works in the Ursynów park have been planned for several years. On tvnwarszawa.pl, we informed already in 2017 about granting EU funding for this investment. A year later, officials organized a public consultation, on the basis of which guidelines for an architectural competition conducted in 2019 were drawn up. Recently, a contractor was selected. “In the tender for construction works in the park, the most advantageous offer was submitted by AG-Complex. Completion of works is planned for the fourth quarter of 2022” – we read in the announcement of the town hall.

The park was established in 2016 around the Three Peaks Hill, commonly known as Górka Kazurka, formed on the basis of construction waste from construction sites in the surrounding housing estates in the 1970s and 1980s. area of ​​10 hectares. After the reconstruction, over 8 hectares will be a biologically active area.

– The project is carried out by the Management Board of Zieleni m.st. Warsaw fits into the atmosphere of this place and the buffer zone of the Kabacki Forest. Warsaw residents will have another green space for rest and recreation at their disposal. It is worth emphasizing that we focus on pro-ecological solutions, for example, elements of playgrounds will be made of nature-friendly materials, emphasizes Justyna Glusman, director and coordinator for sustainable development and greenery, quoted in the announcement of the town hall.

In turn, the director of the ZZW, Aleksandra Majda-Butkiewicz, assures that the park will include attractions for both children and adults. – There will be lush vegetation and aesthetic small architecture. The entire green area will be open, devoid of unnecessary fences and barriers, friendly to children, seniors and people with disabilities – he describes.

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Visualization of changes in the Cichociemni Park Office of the Capital City of Of Warsaw

List of changes to the Cichociemni Park

After the reconstruction, new paths for walking and a bicycle path will be built in the park. There will also be new benches, wooden seats, a gazebo, lanterns and litter bins. The youngest will have at their disposal two playgrounds, built of natural materials. They will be prepared in two zones – sunny and shaded. “The place to rest on the grass will be a large clearing located on the slope of Górka Kazurka and Ziemska Street, crossing the park on the east-west line. The area will be leveled and cleared earlier. The existing debris and concrete remains will replace plants typical of a flower meadow” – announce officials.

An outdoor gym will also be waiting for the residents. It will be crossed by an educational trail commemorating the history of an elite group of Polish soldiers from World War II, i.e. the Cichociemni, considered today as precursors of Polish special forces. There will also be a “monkey grove” next to the gym, a place for exercise and referring to the Cichociemni training center in Largo House in Scotland.

The project also took into account the needs of the quadrupeds. A new “dog park” will be built with a gazebo and equipment for agility training (it is a dog sport involving overcoming a training obstacle course). The Town Hall announces that it will be moved from its current location to the forest, popularly known as “Brzózki”.

They will plant 300 new trees

Officials ensure that after the reconstruction, the park will retain its natural, meadow character. “All construction works will be carried out with respect for the local nature and the requirements for the Warsaw Protected Landscape Area, to which the park belongs. In its area, city gardeners will also leave less mown zones, wild nature refuges” – emphasizes the town hall.

In addition, about 300 new trees will be planted – the choice fell on native species, including birches, oaks, field maples, cherry plums, pear trees, willows, and flour rowans. They will provide shade, among other things, on the bicycle path. About five thousand square meters of shrubs will also appear. For the plantings, dogwood, single-necked hawthorns, blackberries, currants and papillary euonymus will be used. Additionally, it is planned to create perennial beds in the area of ​​rain gardens.

Cichociemni Park in UrsynówUrsynów District Office

Main photo source: Ursynów District Office

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