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Warsaw. Changes in traffic organization at Plac Na Rozdrożu

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A lot of changes for pedestrians and drivers in the area and at Na Rozdrożu Square itself. The stairs leading from the bus stops to the square will be demolished. The works force the introduction of a new traffic organization. They will start on June 13. Pedestrians will be directed to temporary crossings, and the right lanes of the road will be fenced off at the height of bus stops. This organization will last until the modernization of the square is completed.

Na Rozdrożu Square is being reconstructed. There will be lifts, new pedestrian crossings, bicycle paths and bus stops. – The square will also be conveniently used by parents with children in prams, the elderly and people with disabilities – enumerates the town hall in a communiqué.

At the moment, workers occupy mainly sidewalks and a few fragments of bicycle paths. Drivers must be careful on the “snail”, which allowed entry to the western part of the square, towards Mokotów. On some roads, bollards have also appeared, which allow you to drive, among others. replacement of curbs.

Changes for drivers

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From Tuesday, June 13, a lot will change at stops along Trasa Łazienkowska. There, the workers will start dismantling the stairs leading from the bus stops to the top, to Plac Na Rozdrożu. In order to properly secure the work site – on both sides of the artery – at the height of bus stops, the right lanes of the road will be fenced off. On the roadway towards the centre, on a section of about 80 meters, the bus lane and the bay of the Plac Na Rozdrożu 06 stop will be blocked off. Two lanes will still be available for car drivers.

Drivers coming from Aleja Szucha, from the Mokotów side, to Trasa Łazienkowska will have to take their foot off the accelerator. In the connector, the speed will be limited to 30 km/h, and the road lane will be narrowed to 3.5 meters. An island speed bump will also be installed in front of the zebra.

Changes for public transport passengers

The buses will stop several dozen meters further behind the current stop, at temporary slabs arranged in the bay adjacent to the bus lane. To get to the upper level, passengers will have to go back and use the temporary passage and stairs that have been prepared on the embankment between the roadways leading to the square. To increase safety, island speed bumps will be placed in front of the zebra crossing, and a speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour will apply on the road.

Similar changes will be made on the southern side of the route. A section of the bus lane, several dozen meters long, will also be fenced there. The currently operating stop Plac Na Rozdrożu 55 will be moved about 50 meters further, towards the Vistula River. Buses will stop in a temporary bay. Passengers who want to enter the square will also use a specially marked passage and existing stairs leading to the Ujazdowski Hospital Avenue.

Such traffic organization will be in force in this place until the modernization of the square is completed.

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Main photo source: City Hall of Warsaw

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