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Warsaw. Changes on Krucza. What will the traffic look like after the reconstruction?

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Creation of a wide pedestrian passage among greenery, calming car traffic. These are the main goals of the Krucza reconstruction. But before the workers enter the street, road workers will conduct a detailed traffic analysis.

The Municipal Roads Authority has signed a contract with the contractor. It concerns a comprehensive analysis and simulation of traffic on Krucza, on the section from Aleje Jerozolimskie to ulica Piękna. As indicated by the town hall, this task will be carried out by Gradiens from Kielce this year.

An area traffic analysis will precede the street reconstruction project and show the direction of changes. It will allow to assess which variant of the reconstruction will be the best and how to organize traffic on Krucza itself and its streets. “In the tender announced at the end of June, 4 offers were submitted. The most advantageous one was submitted by Gradiens from Kielce. The contract has just been signed. The results of the analysis are to be ready and delivered by the end of the year. Thanks to this, at the beginning of 2022, it will be possible to search for the designer of the planned reconstruction” – officials say.

Krucza Street will be given a downtown character

The contractor will carry out measurements and develop motion macrosimulation. The measurements will be made in October and November – three times, in two communication peaks, ie between 7 am – 9 am and 3 pm – 5 pm. They will show how many cars are moving at the test site. In turn, the macrosimulation will allow to check how the two variants of the planned investment taken into account will affect the traffic in Krucza and its immediate vicinity.

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Krucza Street in its present form was established in the 1950s as the main axis of the new socialist realist central district. This is why, despite its low communication importance, it has a width of 30-40 meters. A significant part of this space is taken up by a road with four or even five lanes. Cars also take up space on both sides of the road, parking obliquely in bays and on sidewalks. Such a wide road becomes redundant in the face of the ongoing reconstruction of Pięć Rogów Square, which has already significantly reduced traffic in this area.

“Krucza Street will be given a downtown character. The center of the road will be occupied by a wide pedestrian passage, shaded by tall lines of trees. The traffic of cars will be calmed down, there will be facilities for cyclists. Thanks to the change of character, Krucza Street will become a friendly space for everyone and a place conducive to the development of services and gastronomy. Missing pedestrian crossings, bicycle infrastructure and greenery will be built “- announces the town hall.

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