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Warsaw. Charging an electric car at P+R parking lots will be charged

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The agenda of the next session of the Warsaw Council includes a draft resolution amending the regulations for the use of Park and Ride parking lots. Charging electric cars will be charged. Moreover, Eco cards are valid only until the end of the year.

The draft of the presented resolution assumes the introduction of fees for electricity used to charge electric cars by parking lot users. The argument is a significant increase in electricity prices, as well as the constantly growing number of electric cars and the expansion of electric car charging stations at Park and Ride parking lots.

Billing will be proportional to the electricity consumed with an accuracy of 0.1 kWh. “According to data for 2022, users of P+R parking lots used approximately 440,000 kWh of energy for charging electric cars. Based on the analysis carried out, based on the costs of purchasing and distributing electricity for the purposes of operating in Parkuj i parking lots. Go to a station for charging electric cars in 2023, the proposed gross rate is PLN 1.61 per 1 kWh,” it was written in the justification for the resolution.

Eco cards were not very popular

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Another proposal is to abandon Eco Cards, which are issued to users of electric cars. Thanks to it, they can leave their electric car at a specific P+R parking lot during the technical break at 2.31-4.29. “The number of available Eco Cards is determined for a given parking lot, depending on the total number of parking spaces available in the parking lot and their average occupancy during the day – currently it ranges from 1 to 19 Eco Cards for a given parking lot. Currently, there are 13 parking lots where car charging stations and where the above-mentioned cards are issued, and the total number of cards is 74” – explained in the justification.

The small number of cards issued is an argument to give them up. The cards already issued will be valid until the end of this year.

Higher fee for a parking space

An additional assumption of the draft resolution is to change the fee for renting a parking space between 4.30 a.m. and 2.30 a.m. Currently, it is PLN 100 and has been unchanged since 2007, i.e. since the beginning of the operation of P+R parking lots.

“Taking into account that over the years of operation of P+R parking lots, there has been a multiple increase in the costs of their maintenance, as well as a general increase in the value of goods and services on the market, including, among others, an increase in parking fee rates in the paid parking zone, it is proposed increase in the above-mentioned fee in the fee price list,” it was written in the justification.

The amount of the fee would depend on whether the payment would be made on-site – at the parking ticket office or with the inspector (preferential rate), or whether a request to pay the parking space rental fee would be issued with a deferred payment date. In the first case, the fee would be PLN 150, and in the second case, PLN 250.

Parcel lockers may appear

The draft resolution proposes that there should be no technical break in P+R car parks on the weekend (from Saturday to Monday) between: 2.31-4.29. The justification explained that these changes will not have a negative impact on the operation of the parking lots, because they are rarely filled on Saturday and Sunday, and they will meet the expectations of, among others: groups of users who want to leave their car in a safe place while visiting the city on the weekend using public transport, and also covers the time period during which weekend tickets are valid.

“Another proposed change is to waive the ban on people staying in the parking lot, unless it is related to leaving the parking lot after leaving the vehicle or reaching it in order to leave the parking lot. The above is dictated by the intention to expand the function that parking lots would fulfill. The idea is therefore, we will also introduce additional amenities for users by installing service machines on the facilities, e.g. parcel lockers, which will increase the development potential of the facilities and will also create the possibility of paid lease of the area, which in turn may bring additional income for Warsaw,” we read in the justification.

Another idea is to add the possibility of parking scooters free of charge. At the same time, it was proposed to introduce a fee for parking of vehicles not authorized to use the parking lot, e.g. trailers. “The argument in favor of this solution is the fact that such a vehicle causes traffic disruptions at the facility because it does not fit into the designated parking space with the car,” it was explained in the justification.

How much will the city budget gain from this?

It was estimated that the increase in Warsaw’s budget revenues due to the increase in the fee for renting a parking space from 4.30-2.30, based on data for 2022, will amount to approx. 31 thousand. PLN per year, assuming all payments are made on-site. In the case of deferred payment, this amount will be approximately PLN 93,000. zlotys.

The justification states that the introduction of fees for the use of electric car charging stations, based on energy consumption in 2022 and the proposed rate for 1 kWh, will result in revenues of approximately PLN 710,000. PLN per year. Additionally, income is possible from leasing land for service activities. Resignation from the technical break at 2.31-4.29 on weekends, and therefore fees for a car left in the parking lot each time during these hours, based on estimates from 2022, will result in a decrease in income from the above-mentioned. fees at the level of approx. PLN 77,000 PLN per year.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

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