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Warsaw. Chase scenes like from a movie. They grabbed the phone from the woman’s hand and the guards used a gas thrower

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Guards from Praga Północ came to deal with official matters in Wola. Suddenly they heard a man shouting “catch thieves”. After a while, passers-by on Młynarska witnessed scenes like from a crime movie. A chase began and ended at the cemetery.

A guard and a guard from Praga Północ arrived on February 8 before 11 a.m. at the headquarters in Wola to deal with official matters. As we read in the announcement on this subject, when they got out of the police car, a man ran into the parking lot shouting “catch thieves”. A nervous passer-by saw a group of teenagers snatch a mobile phone from a woman’s hand on Obozowa Street and run towards Żytnia.

They escaped by jumping on tombstones

The guards jumped into the police car and set off on the signal in the direction indicated by the witness. “After a while, they saw three young men who, upon seeing them, ran into the cemetery. The officers gave chase, chasing the young men jumping on the tombstones. Senior Inspector Mariusz Liżewski managed to drive one of the escapees into a corner where a gas thrower could be used. After another After several dozen meters of escape, the perpetrator of the theft was overpowered by guard Anna Podedworna, who was running from the opposite direction,” the city guards wrote in a statement.

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Scenes like from a movie and a chase for thieves in WolaMunicipal Police

After a while, a patrolman approached the guard and had also reported the theft of her phone. When the officers were taking the 16-year-old thief out of the cemetery, the owner of a nearby shop appeared on the scene and stated that the young man, who had been caught by the guard a few minutes earlier, had stolen two bottles of expensive alcohol from him. The ZTM Traffic Supervision crew also stopped by the police car and added that the same young man and his friends had just devastated the tram – breaking four windows with a safety hammer.

“The achievements of all three were recorded by CCTV. It will serve as material for the police to arrest the young hooligan,” it was summarized.

Scenes like from a movie and a chase for thieves in WolaMunicipal Police

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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