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Warsaw. Chestnut Galidia – a new predator in the Warsaw Zoo

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Voa is the newest member of the predator family at the Warsaw Zoo. Chestnut galidia is found only in Madagascar. Her guardians want her to tame first. For now, it is released to the paddock for several hours a day.

As reported by the zoo, the name Voa means “chestnut” in Malagasy. The pet now discovers the nooks and crannies of a new enclosure where ursons previously lived. “At first, the unknown, large space seemed quite scary to her, but Voa quickly realized that she had nothing to fear” – reported the zoo.

“For now, our female has an open entrance only for a few hours a day. We want to give her time to get used to the new terrain and unknown smells and sounds. Soon, however, she will have unlimited access to every place in her new home” – wrote the garden zoological.

Chestnut galidia is a small predatory mammal found in nature only in Madagascar (endemic species). It has an elongated body with a long, thick tail and short legs. The back of the body is rusty brown, while the underside and paws are dark brown to black. There are transverse black stripes on the tail on a rusty brown background. It is a very agile animal that can easily climb trees. Active during the day, it feeds on small mammals, invertebrates, eggs and also fruit.

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Main photo source: Warsaw zoo

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