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Warsaw. Child psychiatry in crisis. “It is impossible to treat patients when there are no professionals”

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The doctors-specialists from the Department of Child and Youth Psychiatry at Sobieskiego in Warsaw expect the management of the facility to raise salaries. This, in turn, refers to the Ministry of Health. If the money is not found, five out of six doctors will leave work at the end of December. – The clinic will cease to exist because it is impossible to treat patients when there are no professionals, when there is no one to do it – admitted the head of the clinic on TVN24.

Psychiatrists-specialists from the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw submit their statements. Last week, five out of six doctors resigned from work at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. They demand raises.

– As for those who work here full-time, there are three months left when they finish their work, because they are entitled to a notice period. The statements of others, who have a slightly different nature of work, will be valid for a shorter period, so there is not much time left to come to an agreement. As the staff of this youth ward says, if the management offers raise, then they will be very happy to stay, because they do not want to abandon their patients, they want to continue working here, but if this offer comes too late, they will be mentally reconciled with leaving their job, and secondly, they will find work elsewhere – said reporter Jan Piotrowski on TVN24 on Monday.

The employees are waiting for the management to move, and the management – as Piotrowski said – spreads her hands, claiming that meeting the salary demands will result in the loss of financial liquidity of the entire facility. – So the authorities of the facility refer further to the Ministry of Health, because it is decisive when it comes to finances at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw – noted the reporter.

MZ spokesman Wojciech Andrusiewicz admitted on TVN24 that the ministry knows the problems of the institute: – That is why we are organizing a meeting with the management and employees. We will want to persuade you to stay in this facility – declared Andrusiewicz.

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According to Piotrowski’s information, doctors who work full-time at the Sobieski Institute (which means working even several hours a day) earn about five thousand zlotys a month, while psychotherapists get 1.5 thousand zlotys for part-time work.


Out of 28 places, there were … 40

The Children’s and Youth Psychiatry Clinic at Sobieskiego Street is the only place of its kind in Warsaw, which has a population of nearly two million, and one of two in the entire Mazovia region. Patients come here not only from the capital and Mazowieckie voivodship, but also from Podlasie. – I talked to a doctor and last week there were 40 places, although there are 28 beds. Often, these young patients in a serious crisis who need medical attention as soon as possible have to sleep in the corridor. At the moment, 34 places are taken. And only a few doctors deal with all these people – noted Piotrowski.

– We have too many patients and too little staff. Doctors are poorly paid, but I think that psychotherapists have an even worse situation, which makes it difficult to build a team there, because the team is constantly changing – said Łukasz Szostakiewicz, one of the doctors working at the Department of Child and Youth Psychiatry, on TVN24.

– The clinic will cease to exist because it is impossible to treat patients when there are no professionals, when there is no one to do it – admitted the head of the Children’s and Youth Psychiatry Clinic, Dr. hab. Barbara Remberk, MD, PhD.

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Meeting at the Ministry of Health on the situation of psychiatry

Meanwhile, the head of the Ministry of Health announced that a meeting of its management on the situation of psychiatry in Poland will be held at the health ministry on Tuesday. – When it comes to psychiatry, here we actually have a situation in several centers that requires clarification. I have called the management of the ministry for tomorrow – said the minister on Monday.

As he added, the talks will concern increasing the valuation under psychiatry so as to improve its financial situation: – But first, we must carefully diagnose whether the problem concerns only the valuation, or just some organizational situation, or precisely in the employer-employee relationship.

Niedzielski pointed out that the president of the National Health Fund will also be present at the meeting with the Ministry of Health on Tuesday, which – as Niedzielski informed – “is working on a new solution” since Sunday.

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