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Warsaw. City guard with a new commandant. Magdalena Ejsmont announces changes

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The city guard in Warsaw has a commander – Magdalena Ejsmont was at the head of this service in Warsaw. It is worth asking her about the future of the guard, but it is also worth knowing the past of herself – the commander was a spy hunter. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Magdalena Ejsmont is the first woman to become the head of the capital city city ​​guard. – I am a person who likes challenges – he says about himself. – It does not matter if you are a woman or a man, if you have some ambitions, some competences and want to pursue a given profession – he adds during the first meeting with journalists.

– I hope it will be a new opening. The commander has enormous experience – emphasizes the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski.

The new commandant wants to show why work in the city guard is importantTVN24

In the Military Counterintelligence Service

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The city guard of the city gained not only a female boss, but also a former spy hunter. Magdalena Ejsmont worked in special services for a decade. – She was a very distinguished officer of the Polish special services. She served in Afghanistan and it was on a mission, that is where it protected Polish soldiers – emphasizes former coordinator of special services Marek Biernacki.

– She was also famous for taking part in the rescue of a Polish officer of the Polish army on the Belarusian side, who was very valuable for Poland and on her own, against the new management of the Military Counterintelligence Service, contributed to his recovery and release – notes the journalist of “Supervisor” TVN Maciej Duda.

Commander of the city guard in Warsaw, Magdalena EjsmontPAP / Albert Zawada

For this, however, she paid a high price. The story was first revealed by the journalists of “Supervisor”. – When Antoni Macierewicz became the minister of national defense, she was practically forced to leave the SKW. He has had various disciplinary proceedings so far – says Duda.

Plenipotentiary Commandant Antoni Kania-Sieniawski informs that the case of Magdalena Ejsmont has been dragging on for the seventh year since the decision to lower the rank was issued. – He is at the stage of a cassation appeal in the Supreme Administrative Court – he adds.

Magdalena Ejsmont retired from the service – from 2017 she worked in the Warsaw Bureau for Security and Crisis Management. Now it’s time for the municipal police. – She is a citizen of Warsaw and knows the capital’s problems perfectly well in terms of its problems and security issues. She is a woman who entered another service where men dominate – says Maciej Duda.

The city guard needs changes

Cuba Czajkowski from the Stowarzyszenie Miasto Jest Nasze emphasizes that the city guard must, above all, be more effective. – To be more effective, it must be properly paid, so we expect that the vacancies that arose in Leszczyński’s time will be filled – he adds.

Currently, there are 317 vacancies in the municipal police in Warsaw. – For many years we have been on a downward slope, we lack hands to work and we are not able to meet the expectations of Warsaw residents – says Robert Bartołd, the chairman of the Polish National Trade Union of Municipal and Municipal Police Officers and Employees.

However – as he says – the recent increases are still not enough for the Warsaw labor market. – City guard, who is now hiring for work, that is, we are talking about the lowest position, from July 1, he can count on gross PLN 4,100 – explains Robert Bartołd.

The new commander of the city guard about the plans

The new commander of the city guard about the plansTVN24

– I have already had two meetings with trade unions, I am planning more in the near future – announces Magdalena Ejsmont. He explains that the talks relate to the issue of remuneration, building a motivation system and building a promotion system.

The new commandant wants to establish a dialogue with social activists. She also announced that a survey of the residents’ opinions about expectations towards the city guard will be conducted.

Main photo source: Albert Zawada / PAP

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