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Warsaw. Climate activists from the Last Generation blocked Wilanowska Avenue

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A group of a dozen or so people from the Last Generation initiative blocked Wilanowska Avenue in Warsaw. There were difficulties in the direction of Ursus.

On Sunday at around 10 a.m. activists from the Last Generation blocked traffic on the roadway of Wilanowska Avenue near Galeria Mokotów. Another protest this week was preceded by a press conference.

– A week ago we announced the Last Generation plan. We announced that we would block city highways. We are doing this because the government has decided to recklessly fuel the galloping climate crisis by further expanding highways and expressways. Despite revealing our intentions, we have successfully blocked the main arteries in the capital three times – said activists during the conference (quote from a press release).

Why is the Last Generation protesting?

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The previous such protest took place on July 4. The Last Generation blocked the Służewiecka Valley for a dozen or so minutes. There were several incidents. The atmosphere was tense, the police pulled the protesters off the road and checked their IDs.

Activists appear on the capital's main arteries, their happenings are usually short but exciting. They are particularly troublesome for drivers, because even a temporary blockade of the main streets during the morning rush hour generates difficulties. They also affect public transport passengers.

The Last Generation is a civic campaign whose members want to force the government to take the health and safety of its citizens seriously in times of what they say is a climate collapse. They began their activities in Poland in early March. In April of this year, they conducted several traffic blockages. They sat on the roads of the capital's bridges, but also on Marszałkowska and Aleje Jerozolimskie. They stuck to the asphalt. Usually, the blockades were immediately broken up by the police.

The members of this organization are also responsible for the failure the monument of the Warsaw Mermaid paint and disruption of a concert at the National Philharmonic.

Main image source: Olek Klekocki/tvnwarszawa.pl

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