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Warsaw. Closed playground in Park Ujazdowski. There will be a third attempt to find a company to fix the faults

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For safety reasons, the playground in Park Ujazdowski has been closed since summer 2021. The commissioned expert opinion showed a number of defects, which the contractor of the investment refuses to remove. The Zieleni Board has already tried to find a repair company twice. There were no takers. There will be a third attempt in the spring.

The area has been fenced for months, because some of the devices pose a threat to children. First, there were problems with the original contractor and his ability to meet the deadline. Then the Zieleni Board entrusted the work to another company, but this company quickly ran into problems: atmospheric, geological and legal (change of toy certification rules). Finally, to the delight of the youngest, the playground in Ujazdowski Park was opened – at the end of July 2019, with a two-year delay. But the little inhabitants enjoyed it for a short time. After a month, the first defects appeared, then the playground was closed due to winter, although there was no frost. In August 2021, it was closed for safety reasons. And so it is to this day.

Third tender

As reported on tvnwarszawa.pl in August 2021, the capital’s green commissioned an expert opinionwhich showed that “defects and irregularities necessary for repair are mainly caused by the use of poor quality materials by the contractor and other than those described in the technical documentation”. As reported by the Greenery Management, the contractor of the square refused to carry out repairs, despite the warranty binding until 2024. Officials decided to find a company that would eliminate the defects. However, they have a big problem.

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– Due to the refusal to carry out repair works by the contractor of the square, we have so far carried out two full tender procedures aimed at selecting a new contractor who would make the necessary repairs. However, we did not receive any offer. We are currently preparing for the next, third tender, which we plan to announce in the spring of this year – Karolina Kwiecień-Łukaszewska, spokeswoman for the capital’s greenery, reports. – We will open the playground after the necessary repairs of the devices that are on it. At the moment, it is difficult to indicate the date of completion of the works, as we have not yet selected a company that will undertake this task – he adds.

The reopening of the square this spring-summer season is a big question mark.

Green is still estimating costs

To make matters worse, the financial issue is also complicated. Officials still do not know how much all this will cost. We are unable to provide a specific amount at this time. At the turn of the year, we performed an additional expertise (security audit), which showed that some elements on the playground must be adapted to current safety standards. In connection with the above, we are currently estimating the costs that will be associated with the introduction of these changes – explains Kwiecień-Łukaszewska. However, he stipulates that “ZZW will exercise its powers regarding the provisions of the contract and commission the repair to another entity, and will charge the contractor of the square with the costs”.

He also assures that “from 2019 until the closure of the playground, the ZZW did not incur any additional costs resulting from repairs of the devices.” – All reported defects were performed by the contractor as part of removing warranty defects – adds Kwiecień-Łukaszewska.

As reported by the Zieleni Management Board last year, a total of 50 items were included in the list of devices for renovation. As mentioned, it is also necessary to replace the surface on several platforms, stairs and bridges, and to maintain over 20 devices and surfaces.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

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