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Warsaw. Collision on the path at the Walking Russian Embassy. The cyclist left, the cyclist injured

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The police are investigating an accident in the city center. A cyclist and a cyclist collided on the bike path. The man drove off, leaving the injured woman on the sidewalk. Her son saw it all.

The incident took place on Wednesday on the road for bicycles along Belwederska. A large drop allows you to accelerate there, which some cyclists use not very prudently. This was also the case in the case publicized by Mrs. Kinga in social media.

“Bicyclist, you who were in such a hurry that you hit me today at 8:15 at the height of the Russian Embassy in front of my 11-year-old son, you did not stop to help me and left me unconscious on the pavement and a terrified child,” she began .

“I flew a few meters”

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She added that she was riding the bike path correctly. She drove her son to school. “And you, the Lord and the ruler of the road, said that you could pass us, because you are a speed demon. Unfortunately, you failed, you did not fit between me and the oncoming cyclist and you hit my bike with impetus so that I flew a few meters to miraculously without breaking anything,” she described.

Kinga was hospitalized. “After this event, I am left with a huge bulb on my head, worn skin, bruised ribs and a concussion, but worst of all, my son is left with a trauma from which he will recover for weeks. Accidents can happen and I can still understand that you were in a hurry, because maybe you were driving for the birth of your firstborn, but it still does not relieve you of the obligation to help – especially an unconscious woman who was lying on the pavement without signs of life, “she said.

She asked to share the post so that the cyclist would answer for his behavior. She also thanked the witnesses who called for help and took care of the 11-year-old.

The police know the case

Jacek Wiśniewski from the press department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters confirmed to us that the officers are aware of the case. – We worked on site – he admitted. He noted that the cyclist indicated in the post has not been identified, nor did he report to the police station.

The details will be determined by the city police.

Main photo source: Kinga

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