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Warsaw. Colonel Kazimierz Klimczak, the oldest Warsaw insurgent, died

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At the age of 109, Colonel Kazimierz Klimczak, pseudonym Szron, died. He was a soldier of the Home Army, fought in the September Campaign of 1939 and the Warsaw Uprising.

“A model of a patriot and soldier who won free Poland with his attitude for the next generations of Poles” – it was emphasized in the information published by the BohaterON campaign. The words of the colonel were also recalled: “We have free Poland. It must be nurtured and consolidated.”

He fought in the Warsaw Uprising

Kazimierz Klimczak “Frost” was born on February 15, 1914. He graduated from the Infantry NCO School for Minors No. 1 in Konin. He fought in the Polish campaign in September 1939. He served in the ranks of the Pomorze Army, including in the Battle of the Bzura River. He was badly injured. During the occupation, he worked in a tobacco factory. From the windows of his apartment, he watched the ghetto uprising.

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Despite his wounds in 1939, he fought in the Warsaw Uprising. He escaped from the transport and hid in the countryside for over a year. He returned to ruined Warsaw. He was interrogated by security. After the war, he was an activist of the War Disabled Association of the Republic of Poland. In 2017, he was promoted to the rank of colonel. From April 5, 2022, after the death of Stanisław Kowalski, he was the oldest living man in Poland.

– My dream is for Poland to be united in its entirety for the sake of raising young people as they were before the war – faithful to God and homeland – he said in an interview with PAP during his birthday in February 2023.

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