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Warsaw. Completion of works on Kondratowicza, when restrictions on Wincenty are lifted, city hall conference

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The Town Hall informed about the completion of works on Kondratowicza Street. Officials boast of planting 700 trees, talk about new traffic lights and bicycle paths. However, they will not lift the restrictions on entry to the nearby St. Vincent, which the residents asked for.

In autumn 2022, three new metro stations in Targówek were put at the disposal of residents – Kondratowicza, Bródno and Zacisze. Later, the works moved to the surface, and the residents waited for the opening of an important section of Kondratowicza Street.

The changes did not impress at first. The effect of rebuilding Kondratowicza Street raised questions about the quality of the investment. Photos posted online showed the road undulating. The road workers were then convinced that the road was done correctly.

What about St. Vincent?

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The aim of the modernization contractors, as the Warsaw City Hall reminds in a press release, was “to take advantage of the unique opportunity and transform Kondratowicza Street”. The works, which began last spring, covered the section of Kondratowicza between Rembielińska and św. Wincenty, where, as it turns out, despite the completion of the investment, traffic is still limited.

The residents submitted a petition to the mayor of Warsaw asking for the abolition of the restriction. They argued that traffic jams formed in the surrounding settlements. The letter was signed by over two thousand people, but their voice was not heard. Why?

– First of all, we want Targówek not to be jammed with cars from the expressway. At the moment we are checking all possible variants, which is why the street is open on weekends. We are analyzing the situation for the coming months and years – said Rafał Trzaskowski during the press conference.

– This is also related to the renovations we are doing in Białołęka, with possible plans to introduce bus lanes, to ensure that the district is not jammed with traffic from outside it – he added.

“Kondratowicz is completely different”

According to Trzaskowski, “today, after the works are completed, Kondratowicza Street is completely different”. – It has changed beyond recognition, becoming a modern, comprehensively rebuilt, green and friendly place for all users, a place with wide bicycle paths, rest areas with new benches. It is also safe here – thanks to LED lanterns and five additional new pedestrian crossings – praised Mayor Trzaskowski on Tuesday during the press conference ending the modernization of the street.

– The residents contributed to these changes, planting trees and shrubs here, as well as me, because we wanted the local community to actively participate in the revitalization of this street, the mayor added.

700 trees

The new Kondratowicza street is 60 meters long – and has a dividing lane between the carriageways. This, as officials remind, is a reserve for a tram route, planned in this place decades ago. Instead, a subway was built.

There are also 700 trees planted along the road (previously there were 300), these are mainly maples, hornbeams and lindens, as well as 136,000 shrubs of various species. There are about 100 benches along the street. A large green square was also built at the Bródno metro station.

Roads for bicycles

Before the construction of the metro began, Kondratowicza had a layout with two lanes in each direction, along with possible additional ones – for turning in the area of ​​intersections.

“This principle has been preserved, but the layout of roadways, sidewalks and bicycle routes has undergone a number of modifications. At the same time – thanks to the subway – the capacity of the street has significantly increased (the number of people able to cover it by various means of transport at the same time). For example – on board one The metro train connecting Targówek with Praga, Śródmieście, Wola and Bemowo can accommodate up to 1,500 people.

Two two-way bicycle paths, three meters wide each, have appeared between the subway stations.

“The existing route on the south side has been rebuilt in accordance with a modern standard – it is a better course and the use of an even asphalt surface. On the north side of the street, a second, equally high-quality route was created, which will ensure bicycle access to housing estates and connection to Św. Wincentego Street. At all intersections and along additional pedestrian crossings between Rembielińska and Malborska streets, a complete set of bicycle crossings has been provided. Along Kondratowicza street, exactly 235 bicycle racks have appeared, i.e. space for 470 bicycles.

Changes at intersections

New traffic lights were also built in five places: at the intersections with ul. Łabiszyńska and ul. Chodecka, at the entrance to the Mazowiecki Szpital Bródnowski, as well as at two pedestrian crossings.

“Before the construction of the second metro line began, the intersections with Łabiszyńska and Chodecka Streets were equipped with traffic lights. However, due to the change in the layout of roadways, sidewalks and bicycle routes, it was necessary to build new lights” – inform the officials.

A fragment of Kondratowicza Street is now open (September 2022)Mateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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