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Warsaw. Conflict in the Dramatic Theater. Monika Strzępka doesn’t want to leave. Accusations of mobbing and blackmail

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The simplest thing would be to say that we have real drama at the Warsaw Dramatic Theater. But it’s more than that. We have a principal who doesn’t want to step down. And actors accusing her of mobbing, humiliating and isolating her from the team. And Monika Strzępka was the hope of the Dramatic Theater. Material by Adrianna Otręba from “Fakty TVN”.

Actor Michał Klawiter was associated with the Dramatic Theater for five years. He is currently on notice. – The slogan “therapy for all”, the slogan of the collective, in the context of the fact that today many employees were or are on psychiatric leave, probably does not have the meaning that was intended – he says.

Other actors who were given notices also tell us about their experiences.

– I experienced numerous humiliations. I had several conversations with Monika Strzępka. During the last one, of course, I was given notice of termination, and during the previous one I was in hell for an hour. But I’m not the only person who had this type of conversation – says actress Karolina Charkiewicz. – The conversations that were conducted with me by the collective and by Mrs. Monika Strzępka were of a discriminatory nature and signs – accuses actor Kamil Mróz.

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Trzaskowski on chaos

Monika Strzępka has been managing the theater since September last year. – The team can breathe a sigh of relief now – she said shortly after taking up her position “Kropce nad i” director. That’s what she said at the beginning of her term. But there was no breathing. 27 people were dismissed from the Theater by mid-December. And after recent publications, questions have arisen about Strzępka’s management style. Additionally, Agnieszka Szpila, author of the novel “Heksy”, on which the play was based, wrote about “the enormous mental and emotional suffering suffered by the acting team“. Rehearsals for the play have been suspended.

– We cannot allow this type of chaos and we have started this procedure – replied the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, at one of the press conferences when asked about the matter. The procedure the mayor of Warsaw is talking about is the dismissal of the theater director. The city, as it was put, reacted to the deepening crisis and the failure to implement the concluded contract. But the director of the Dramatic Theater does not intend to give up.

A bit about blackmail

– I decided to disband the drama collective. From now on, I am an independent director – she said in a recording published on Facebook. Monika Strzępka confirms that she signed a declaration of resignation from her position, but – as she claims – this letter did not reach the city representatives. – My statement was made under the influence of blackmail by several actresses from the cast of “Hex” – he says.

The city is not taking a step back either. – I don’t know anything about whether the resignation, which she also talked about in a conversation with me a few days ago, was signed under the influence of blackmail or not – comments the vice-president of Warsaw, Aldona Machnowska-Góra.

– This whole thing just leaves scorched earth in the Dramatic Theatre. We are all very sorry that this has happened, because there are few theaters – notes theater critic Tomasz Domagała.

When asked about allegations of improper treatment of employees, the theater’s spokeswoman replied that the management had not officially received any complaints regarding mobbing or violence. The theater is inspected by the National Labor Inspectorate.

Monika Strzępka does not want to resign from her position Bartłomiej Zborowski/PAP

Main photo source: Bartłomiej Zborowski/PAP

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