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Warsaw. Construction of a tram line to Kasprzaka. There will be difficulties at the intersection with Płocka

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On Saturday, February 18, the contractor of the tram line along Kasprzaka Street will occupy the middle of the intersection with Płocka Street. Drivers should expect delays. Some bus lines will change routes.

As announced by the capital city hall, the contractor of the tram to Kasprzaka – Strabag Polska – is concreting the viaduct and footbridge on ul. Wolska. The walls of the tram track exit ramp are mostly ready. The next stage of works is planned at the intersection of Kasprzaka and Płocka streets. In this place, the system of sidewalks and bicycle paths will be reconstructed.

Changed traffic organization

The first stage of works at the intersection will start on Saturday around 4 pm. The center of the intersection will be fenced off. The exit from Płocka and Krzyżanowskiego Streets will only be possible to the right. You will not be able to go straight and left. Also driving along ul. Kasprzaka will not be able to turn left – into ul. Płocka or Krzyżanowski. On both carriageways of Kasprzaka Street, between Skierniewicka and Płocka, drivers will have two lanes at their disposal – from one of them they will be able to turn right. In addition, between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., the roadway towards the center will be narrowed to one lane.

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Cyclists must also be prepared for difficulties. The road for bicycles on the southern side of Kasprzaka Street, on the section from Bema to Brylowska, will be closed. At the intersection with Bema, cyclists will be directed to a pedestrian and bicycle route, which will be arranged on the northern side of the street. Behind the intersection with Płocka, they will be able to use the road for bicycles, and before the intersection with Skierniewicka, they will return to the southern side of the street. Pedestrians should not experience any major difficulties. They will be able to use both the sidewalk on the south and the pedestrian and bicycle route on the north side of Kasprzaka Street.

Due to the works at the intersection, some bus lines will change their routes. Buses of line 103 in the direction of the Kolejowa terminus will take a detour along the following streets: Bema – Prądzyńskiego – Tunelowa. They will go towards the Metro Młociny terminus along Krzyżanowskiego and Kasprzaka streets and turn back at the intersection of Kasprzaka, Karolkowa and Prosta streets. Night buses N45 and N95, only in the direction of the Central Railway Station, will run along the following streets: Płocka – Wolska – Skierniewicka – Siedmiogrodzka – Grzybowska – Towarowa – Prosta. The stops at Krzyżanowskiego 01 and Brylowska 01 will be suspended.

Difficulties on KasprzakWarsaw City Hall

In mid-April, a new surface at the intersection

The changed traffic organization will be in effect until the end of March. As the capital city hall informs, then cyclists will return to the southern side of the street (at the intersection with Krzyżanowskiego they will also use a common route with pedestrians). Drivers driving Kasprzaka will gain an additional – third – lane, reserved for turning right into Płocka and Krzyżanowskiego streets. However, the center of the intersection will still be occupied, and exit from Płocka and Krzyżanowskiego Streets will only be possible to the right. In the next stage, planned for mid-April, the contractor will lay a new road surface at the intersection.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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