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Warsaw. Construction of a tram on Kasprzaka, difficulties

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One of the last parts of the investment begins at the construction site of the tram to Kasprzaka. Residents must be ready for major disruptions. The break in tram traffic on Wolska Street, on the section Fort Wola – Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia, will last until the end of the year.

Officials explain that this is mainly due to the need to rebuild the intersection of Wolska and Elekcyjna. It is about connecting the previously used tracks with new ones and rebuilding the tram stop at the height of Elekcyjne Street.

“Works at the intersection of Wolska and Elekcyjna will be carried out in such a way as to maintain the possibility of passing through, which means the need to divide the works into stages” – promises the town hall.

Construction work on Wolska require changes in traffic organization. Their introduction will begin on Saturday, August 5, in the afternoon. All elements of the new traffic organization will come into force on Sunday afternoon at the latest.

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Traffic difficulties on KasprzakaWarsaw City Hall

Narrower Redutowa

Trams will close the western carriageway of Redutowa Street before the intersection with Wolska. Vehicles heading to the latter will be directed to the second lane. Drivers will travel one lane in each direction. You will be able to turn into Wolska both in the direction of Bemowo and the city centre. In turn, the narrowing of the entrance to Redutowa Street will force the introduction of a ban on turning left into this street – for those driving Wolska from the direction of Bemowo. Those who want to go this direction will be able to turn back at the intersection of Wolska and Elekcyjna or go straight on Kasprzaka and turn left into Ordona – to return to Wolska. All the time Turn into Redutowa will be possible for those approaching from Elekcyjna.

Wolska at Redutowa

Drivers driving from the direction of Bemowo along the middle carriageway of Wolska Street will have two lanes: one will only go straight towards Elekcyjna, and from the other they will also be able to turn into Kasprzaka. On the southern roadway of Wolska, i.e. leading to Kasprzak, there will also be two lanes – one public and the other reserved for Warsaw Public Transport buses, taxis and MTON vehicles. Reconstruction of the tram tracks on Wolska Street will involve temporary narrowing of the road. The left lane (along the tracks) of the road towards the center, on the section from Ordona to Grabowska, will be closed to traffic. One lane – the right one, i.e. at the rails themselves – will also be less on the lane towards Bemowo, between Elekcyjna and Redutowa.

Changes on Wolska (August 5-6)Warsaw City Hall

No trams on the weekend

During the weekend, August 5-6, tram drivers will install overlay turnouts at PKP Wola (Wolska) and Fort Wola stops. As a result, end terminals will be built, where passengers will be able to transfer to buses. During this time, trains will not run along Powstańców Śląskich, Połczyńska and Wolska streets between Radio and Skierniewicka.

lines 26 and 78 will travel on changed routes, the line will return to the basic route 23but the lines 13 and 27 will be suspended – parts of their routes will be served by the line 73running between the Kawęczyńska-Bazylika and Metro Marymont loops.

During the weekend, a replacement bus line Z26 will be launched on the route: – from the Nowe Bemowo stop along the following streets: Powstańców Śląskich, Połczyńska, Wolska, Kasprzaka, Ordona, Wolska, Aleja “Solidarności”, Okopowa, Leszno, Okopowa, Aleja “Solidarności” to the stop Okopowa 02; – from the Okopowa 02 stop along the following streets: Aleja “Solidarności”, Wolska, Połczyńska, Powstańców Śląskich to Nowe Bemowo 15.

The Z35 line will continue to run through the streets, running on the route: – in the direction of Piaski: Nowe Bemowo 14 and further Powstańców Śląskich, along Reymonta, Broniewskiego, Galla Anonima Avenues to the Piaski 07 stop; – towards the end of Nowe Bemowo: Piaski 07 along the streets: Galla Anonima, Kochanowskiego, Aleja Reymonta, Powstańców Śląskich to the Nowe Bemowo loop.

They are building a tram to Kasprzaka Warsaw City Hall

Changes from Monday

From Monday, August 7, two-way trains will travel from the city center to the PKP Wola (Wolska) stop, and from the Bemowo side to the Fort Wola stop. The new tram route is to ensure quick access to two metro stations – Rondo Daszyńskiego and Rondo ONZ. The journey will only take a few minutes. The length of the newly built and modernized tracks exceeds 3 km. There are also four new stops.

Tree felling on Kasprzaka Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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