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Warsaw. Construction of a tram on Kasprzaka Street. From Saturday, difficulties on the Tibet roundabout

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From Saturday, July 8, tram drivers will occupy the center of the intersection and the roadways of Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia under the viaducts. From 10 pm they will work on the Tibet roundabout. The difficulties are related to the next stage of construction of tram tracks on Kasprzaka.

Builders installed rails on Kasprzaka Street from Karolkowa to Ordona. There are also tracks on Wolska between Ordona and Redutowa.

“This means that almost 70 percent of the entire length of the tracks is ready – about 2 km out of over 3 km planned to be built. Now it is necessary to connect two sections of rails running through the Tybetu roundabout to Kasprzaka. Works in such a sensitive place have been planned for holidays, when the traffic on the streets is less.

Construction of tram tracks on Kasprzaka Street (photo from July 2023)Warsaw Trams

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The construction site will occupy the center of the intersection. detours

The construction site will occupy the center of the intersection and the roadways of Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia under the viaducts. Drivers traveling (underground) from Aleje Jerozolimskie or Wolska will not go straight through the roundabout and will not turn left. Straight ahead traffic will be possible all the time on the viaducts, over the intersection. Detours will be in effect.

From Sunday, July 9 – driving from Aleje Jerozolimskie – they will turn into Kasprzaka, and then turn back at the intersection with Bema. Before Kasprzaka, they will have two lanes to turn right, and at the intersection with Bema, there will be three lanes – one for turning left, one for going straight and one for going straight or right. Also from the side of Wolska, you will have to turn into Kasprzaka to turn back on the temporary “zawrotka” built at the height of Grabowska Street.

There will be no left turn from Kasprzaka Street into Prymasa Tysiąclecia Avenue. Coming from Bemowo, they will turn back at Bema and take the second roadway of Kasprzaka to reach Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia, to turn right here. This option will be introduced additionally from the middle lane. A similar rule will apply to travelers from the city centre. They will turn back at Grabowska.

For those driving from Śródmieście, a ban on turning left will be introduced – into Bema in the direction of Prądzyńskiego. A detour to this street will lead Krzyżanowskiego and Brylowska.

Tybetu roundabout – detour of closed sectionsWarsaw City Hall

Pedestrian crossings on Kasprzaka will be closed

Zebras across Kasprzaka Street on both sides of the intersection will be closed. A temporary crossing will be marked out by an island in the roundabout. The pedestrian crossing through Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia on the southern side of the intersection will be moved a little further. A section of the road for bicycles will also be closed. A pedestrian and bicycle route will be arranged next to it.

Trams will restore traffic along the entire width of Ordona Street between Wolska and Kasprzaka. It will be possible to go here both from Jan Kazimierz and from Elekcyjna.

The roadway of Kasprzaka Street towards Bemowo will remain closed – on the section from Ordona to Wolska. Cars will not come back here – tram drivers are building a track in the place of the former road. On the earlier section of Kasprzaka Street, from Grabowska to Ordona, two traffic lanes will be available. At the intersection with Ordona, drivers will have to turn right or left from them.

During the holidays, two lanes of the roadway of Kasprzaka Street towards the center will also be closed to traffic – on a short section before the intersection with Ordona.

Kasprzaka and Ordona streets – traffic organization Warsaw City Hall

Bus route changes

Buses of line 105, towards Rondo Daszyńskiego, will return to their basic routes; while in the direction of the Os. Górczewska loop, they will go along Wolska and Ordona streets. In turn, line 184 will run on the basic route to basic routes in both directions.

Buses of line 414 in both directions through the Tybetu roundabout will pass over viaducts, therefore they will not stop at PKP Wola (Kasprzaka) 05 and 06 stops. PKP Wola (Kasprzaka) 01 and 02 stops will be suspended. Instead, temporary stops will be launched for line 105, 178 and 255: PKP Wola (Kasprzaka) 51 on Kasprzaka Street towards Płocka, after the intersection with Bema and PKP Wola (Kasprzaka) 52, on Kasprzaka towards Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia before the intersection with Bema. Buses 184 and 167 will stop at the Ordona 02 stop and 414 at the Parafialna stops.

New tram route. There will be more trees

The new tram route will provide quick access to two metro stations – Rondo Daszyńskiego and Rondo ONZ. The tram will take passengers from to the Warszawa Wola railway station and a shorter route will also reach Bemowo. The length of the newly built and modernized tracks exceeds three kilometers. There will also be four new stops.

As part of the investment, tram drivers will plant as many as 94 new trees. There will also be shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennials at tram platforms and intersections, in the lanes between roadways and along Wolska Street. The trees were designed as a supplement to the rows along Wolska and Kasprzak, as well as within the investment. The tracks on Kasprzaka will be planted with sedum. On the edge of the track and Park Powstańców Warszawy there will be a double, and in some places even a triple row of trees.

Warsaw Trams anticipate the completion of construction works at the end of 2023.

Main photo source: Warsaw Trams

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