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Warsaw. Construction of a tram to Wilanów. Closed Walking and Goworka. Until when? detours

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The construction of the tram to Wilanów enters the next stage. Spacerowa and Goworka will be closed from the night of Thursday to Friday (May 4-5). The heat pipeline will be reconstructed under the streets connecting Upper and Lower Mokotów. This is a huge inconvenience for bus drivers and passengers. They will even last until the end of the summer.

The work, which involves closing the streets, begins on Thursday, after the picnic, on the night of May 4-5. The contractor, the Budimex company, together with Tramwaje Warszawskie, the Municipal Roads Authority and the Public Transport Authority, prepared a detour plan.

Closed stroller. Traffic organisationCity Hall of Warsaw

Closed Walking and Goworka

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Under the roadway and sidewalks along the entire length of Spacerowa and Goworka Streets, two heat pipelines need to be rebuilt – each with a diameter of one meter. It is the main main line supplying heat to this part of Mokotów. The depth of the excavations during the works will be up to six meters. The contractor has very little time to complete these works. It can only be carried out outside the heating season, i.e. from May 15 to August 31.

From the night of Thursday to Friday (May 4 to 5), both roadways of Spacerowa and Goworka streets will be closed – on the section from Puławska to Belwederska. You will not be able to turn down from Puławska or go uphill from Belwederska and Gagarina.

Detour of Spacerowa StreetCity Hall of Warsaw

Detours for drivers

Detours will run along Belwederska, Chełmska and Dolna streets or Idzikowskiego. Klonowa, Słoneczna and Zajączkowska streets will lose connection with Spacerowa. In order to facilitate access to the buildings located by the Morskie Oko park, two directions of traffic will be introduced on Grottgera and Pogodzna Streets. For this reason, parking on these streets will be limited. It will also not be possible to leave for Goworka from Chocimska Street, therefore, two-way traffic will also be in force on the section from Olszewska to the construction site.

The changes will also affect Puławska Street. Individual drivers will continue to drive in both directions on the western carriageway, but the organization of traffic on it will change. Thanks to this, it will still be possible to return to Mokotów using two lanes – the bus lane will temporarily disappear from the western roadway of Puławska Street. One lane will remain to the center. As at present, those coming from the south will cross to the other carriageway at Willowa Street, and will return to the right lane before the intersection with Boya-Żeleńskiego Street.

Bus lanes on narrow streets

Buses will be able to pass through the construction site – the eastern roadway of Puławska Street. A special lane will be created here, where buses of six lines (Z-4, 138, 222, 501, 519, 522) will go all the way to Unii Lubelskiej Square. Bus lanes will also be laid out on Bagatela Street (towards Unii Lubelskiej Square) and Boya-Żeleńskiego Street (towards Unii Lubelskiej Square).

The closure of Spacerowa will also result in changes to bus routes. Some of them will run along a special lane on the eastern roadway of Puławska to Unii Lubelskiej Square, and then along Boya-Żeleńskiego Street. Others will be diverted along Bagatela and Belwederska Streets.

Organization of bus trafficCity Hall of Warsaw

And so, line 119 buses will take the following route: Rakowiecka-Sanktuarium – … – Rakowiecka – Puławska – Dolna – Chełmska (return: Dolna – Puławska – Madalińskiego – Aleja Niepodległości) – … – Wiśniowa Góra;

131: Central Railway Station – … – pl. Union of Lublin – Bagatela – Belwederska – Gagarina – … – Sadyba/Wilanów;

138: Boxing – … – Puławska – pl. Union of Lublin – Boy-Żeleński – Waryński (return: Waryński – Puławska) – … – Loss;

167, 168: Stare Bemowo/Fort Radiowo, Spartańska – … – Waryńskiego – Boya-Żeleński – pl. Union of Lublin – Bagatela – Belvedere – Gagarina – … – Siekierki-Sanctuary, Witolin;

222: Spartańska – … – Puławska – pl. Union of Lublin – Marszałkowska (return of Boy-Żeleński – Waryński) – … – Bielańska;

501, 519, 522: Central Railway Station – … – Waryński – Boya-Żeleński – pl. Unii Lubelskiej – Bagatela – Belwederska (return: Dolna – Puławska – Plac Unii Lubelskiej – Boya-Żeleńskiego – Waryńskiego) – … – Stegny, Powsin-Park Kultury/Wilanów, Branicki;

Z-4: Dworkowa – … – Puławska – pl. Union of Lublin – Boy-Żeleński – Waryński (return: Waryński – Puławska) – … – Pl. Constitution.

Difficulties for pedestrians and cyclists

Pedestrians are also affected. Sidewalk sections on Goworka and Spacerowa Streets – on both sides of the streets – will be unavailable. Pedestrians will not pass along the road on the side of Morskie Oko Park – from Chocimska Street to Belwederska Street. Information boards will direct them to Grottgera Street and further – through Morskie Oko Park – to Słoneczna and Chocimska Streets.

Organization of pedestrian traffic on Spacerowa StreetCity Hall of Warsaw

On the other side of Spacerowa, people coming from Belwederska will have to use the sidewalk on the road connecting this street with Spacerowa (behind the hotel). Then, along the sidewalk parallel to the roadway, they will reach buildings number 18, 20 and 20a. Further, up to Klonowa Street, there will be no passage. On the other hand, at the height of the internal road – next to building 10 – there will be a passage across the road to the other side of the street, to the park.

Organization of cyclists’ traffic on Spacerowa StreetCity Hall of Warsaw

Cyclists should remember that the lane reserved for them on Spacerowa Street is closed. To get to Puławska, they should follow Belwederska and Bagatela Streets.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

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