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Warsaw. Construction of a tram to Wilanów. From September, traffic will return to Puławska

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Tram workers showed the progress of works on Puławska Street on the construction of the line to Wilanów. They assured that traffic on this section will return with the beginning of the school year.

On Thursday, tram drivers published photos taken from above in social media, illustrating the progress of work on the construction of the tram line along Puławska and Unii Lubelskiej Square. It is from this place that in the future trams will turn into Goworka, and then into Spacerowa, to reach the main line to Wilanów or its two branches to Sielce and Stegny.

“We concrete, we asphalt, we unfasten the traction network. At the beginning of the school year, trams will go here” – we read in the entry on the Facebook page of Tramwaje Warszawskie.

Tram to Wilanów

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The tram will shorten the travel time of the inhabitants of Wilanów and the neighboring part of Dolny Mokotów to the city centre. The ride from Miasteczko Wilanów to the Centrum metro station is expected to take 25 minutes. The constructed route to Wilanów will have two branches: along Gagarina Street and along Św. Boniface. The tracks will be planted with green sedum.

The contractor will open the finished parts of the investment gradually. After the return of trams to Puławska, Spacerowa and Goworka streets will be made available for one-way traffic. The tracks along Gagarina Street will be ready at the beginning of 2024, and by mid-2024 the tram route to Wilanów will be ready for traffic. Road work remains to be completed. Before the end of 2024, the last section of the tracks will be commissioned – a branch of the route along Św. Boniface.

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Main photo source: Warsaw Trams

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