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Warsaw, construction of a tram to Wilanów. Sidewalk on Spacerowa only on one side

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The construction of the tram track and the reconstruction of the heating network in Spacerowa Street make life difficult for the residents. On the lower section of the street, pedestrians can only walk on one side of the street.

– I don’t come here often and I got a little lost because of this construction. I wanted to go from Spacerowa to Belwederska, but the pavement is out of use. It turned out that I had to go through Park Morskie Oko, and there was no information anywhere on how to get to the intersection – Weronika tells the Polish Press Agency. He adds that the passages are uneven, covered with stones. “I suspect it could be dangerous for older people,” he says.

– Along Belwederska Street, the pavement functions only on one side. It’s good that although pedestrian crossings with traffic lights operate unchanged – another woman reports.

Demarcation of further crossings “is not planned”

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Councilor Olga Semeniuk-Patkowska (PiS) contacted the city authorities on behalf of the residents regarding difficulties for pedestrians along the construction of the tram line. In response to her interpellation, the deputy mayor of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski, wrote that “conditions for pedestrian traffic in terms of crossing the road should not deteriorate during the construction, and it is not planned to mark out more on this section”.

He noted that “all pedestrian crossings allowing to get to the other side of Puławska, Goworka and Spacerowa Streets, which were available to pedestrians before the start of construction, have been maintained in the temporary organization of traffic.”

In addition, crossings have been prepared: at the intersection of ul. Puławska from ul. Goworka, through ul. Goworka at the height of ul. Chocimska, at ul. Spacerowa between the intersection with ul. Słoneczna and ul. Zajączkowska there are two crossings – at the intersection of ul. Spacerowa from ul. Belwederska pedestrian crossing through ul. walking.

137 crossings and four footbridges

The spokesman for the investment contractor, Michał Wrzosek, calculated that there are 137 passages and four footbridges throughout the construction site.

Works on the construction of the tram line to Wilanów began at the end of last summer and are to be completed in autumn 2024.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

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