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Warsaw. Construction of a tram to Wilanów. They will lock up Gagarin

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Tramway drivers are preparing to rebuild another part of the heating network colliding with the new route to Wilanów. The works will involve changes in the organization of traffic. On the night from Friday to Saturday, a section of Gagarina Street will be closed. Buses will take detours.

Gagarin will close on the night of July 21-22 on the section from the intersection with Belwederska Street to Sułkowicka Street. There will also be a parking ban. At the intersection of Spacerowa and Gagarina, drivers will only be able to cross Belwederska straight ahead – there will be two traffic lanes on the roadway, one for each direction.

Changes in traffic organization

One-way traffic will be introduced on Sułkowicka and Nabielaka streets. You will be able to drive Sułkowicka from Gagarin to Belwederska, and Nabielak the other way, i.e. from Belwederska to Gagarin. Stopping and parking will be prohibited on both streets. Tatrzańska’s departure to Nabielaka will be possible only to the right – towards Gagarin.

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Due to the ongoing works, drivers have so far used the temporary roadway on the eastern side of Belwederska Street. On the night of July 21-22, a change will be introduced to this organization – the entrance to Nabielaka Street will be opened. Drivers going to the center will be able to turn into Nabielak from one lane. For those going towards Wilanów, an additional lane will be designated for turning left into Nabielaka. Entrance to and exit from Promenada Street will be possible only from the lane leading towards Wilanów.

Gagarina Street – traffic organization Warsaw City Hall

Detours of the difficulties have been set along the following streets: Gagarina, Czerniakowska and Chełmska.

At the intersection with Chełmska and Dolna, on the active carriageway of Belwederska Street, there will be available: one lane for driving towards the city center and two lanes in the opposite direction – one for driving straight to Wilanów and right for Dolna and for turning left into Chełmska.

The second stage of work

The second stage of works will begin on the night of Monday to Tuesday, from 24 to 25 July. The contractor of the joint investment – the Mokotowski-Bis collector and a branch of the tram line – will introduce changes on the further section of Gagarina Street. Drivers going from Nabielaka Street towards Czerniakowska at the intersection with Sielecka will change from the southern carriageway to the newly built northern carriageway. Traffic will continue to be one lane in each direction. Just before Czerniakowska, drivers will return to the southern carriageway. From here, they will have four lanes to enter the intersection: one for a left turn towards the center, two straight lanes and a separate right turn.

Both inlets of Sielecka Street – northern and southern – will be connected to Gagarina. Each will have one right turn lane and one left turn lane. Pedestrians will cross Gagarin with a zebra on one side of the intersection – closer to Nabielak. Due to the diversion of traffic to the northern roadway of Gagarina – it will not be possible to enter it from Iwicka Street from the side of Chełmska Street. The organization of traffic at the intersection with Czerska Street will not change. Drivers and pedestrians will move in this way until the end of September.

Tram to Wilanów – works on SpacerowaWarsaw City Hall

Detours for buses

Throughout the period of work, the buses of the line 131, 167, 168, 180, N31 and N81 will run along the streets that have marked the detour: Sułkowicka and Nabielaka. Spacerowa 51 stop for the line 116, 166, 501, 503, 519 and 522 will be moved – in front of the intersection of Belwederska Street with Gagarina and Spacerowa. Lines will also stop there 131, 167, 168, 180, N31 and N81 (Spacerowa 53 stop will be closed).

In addition, the night line bus route N31 will be shortened to the Wilanów terminus. In return, buses of a replacement night line will run on the streets Z31. They will run from the Sadyba terminus along the following streets: Wiertnicza, Przyczółkowa, Vogla, Syta, turn back at Glebowa and then Syta, Metryczna, Bruzdowa to Hoserów.

Tram to Wilanów

The tram will shorten the travel time of the inhabitants of Wilanów and the neighboring part of Dolny Mokotów to the city centre. The ride from Miasteczko Wilanów to the Centrum metro station is expected to take 25 minutes. The constructed route to Wilanów will have two branches: along Gagarina Street and along Św. Boniface. The tracks will be planted with green sedum.

The contractor will open the finished parts of the investment gradually. After the return of trams to Puławska, Spacerowa and Goworka streets will be made available for one-way traffic. The tracks along Gagarina Street will be ready at the beginning of 2024, and by mid-2024 the tram route to Wilanów will be ready for traffic. Road work remains to be completed. Before the end of 2024, the last section of the tracks will be commissioned – a branch of the route along Św. Boniface.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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