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Warsaw. Construction of a tram to Wilanów. When will Spacerowa and Goworka be opened?

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At the turn of November and December, Spacerowa and Goworka will be opened, closed due to the construction of the tram to Wilanów. Only public transport buses will be able to travel on the streets and only in one direction – down. A month later, Gagarina is scheduled to open.

Originally, Goworka and Spacerowa were supposed to be passable in September, but the need to rebuild heating pipes caused a delay. We have already informed about it on tvnwarszawa.pl.

Opening in installments, priority for buses

– We have decided that this route will be opened with priority to public transport. In the first stage, when only one eastern road of Spacerowa and Goworka streets will be available, it will be available only for bus transport – said the vice-president of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski, at a meeting with journalists on Monday.

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He added that this traffic organization will be valid for a month, and then, after the opening of Gagarina Street, the entire route will be open to bus transport and individual traffic. He explained that until Gagarina Street is opened, public transport detours will continue to run through Sułkowicka and Nabielaka Streets. This is a difficult situation because these are local narrow streets.

– This reason for organizing traffic is related to the fact that the corridor of Sobieskiego Street and further on Spacerowa and Goworka serves huge passenger flows by bus. For example, at the Dolna stop there are approximately 14-15 thousand entrances to public transport. This is the amount comparable to one metro station, such as Imielin. Moreover, unless Gagarina Street is open, it would be difficult to introduce bus traffic with individual traffic here, because it would result in too high a volume of vehicles, he explained.

The director of the Road Traffic Management Office, Tamas Dombi, pointed out that today there are very large difficulties on the section of Belwederska between Gagarina and Chełmska, which is why the intersection of Dolna, Chełmska, Belwederska, Sobieskiego is a critical intersection on all sides.

– As long as the entrance to Gagarina Street is not open, pushing traffic from Spacerowa on this section would mean complete paralysis – Spacerowa and Puławska would remain standing. Currently, the Sułkowicka and Nabielak traffic detour is adding weight to this exact section. Due to the opening of Gagarina Street, new opportunities will be created for us. We will remove detours from these small streets, and secondly, we will direct traffic from the center to Gagarin and Wisłostrada, which means we will relieve, at least partially, this most heavily loaded section – he explained.

Works on Spacerowa and Goworka Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

They will finish the walk only in the spring

Wojciech Bartelski, president of Tramwaje Warszawskie, said that around the turn of November and December the target geometry of the eastern lane of Goworka and Spacerowa streets will be cleared. – It will be designed for top-down driving – he assured.

He noted that Gagarina Street, or rather its northern road, should be opened to traffic by the end of the year. – And a full flight was introduced from Rakowiecka and Puławska streets to Czerniakowska – he emphasized.

He explained that from the new year, three routes will be launched at the intersection: Spacerowa, Gagarina, Belwederska: north-south, east-west and turns. – It will not be possible to use the western road of Spacerowa Street, which we want to complete together with bicycle paths in spring – he added. The first trams are also scheduled to run around then.

– The worse news is that work will begin at the Chełmska/Dolna intersection and the related traffic changes will begin. The construction is entering the stage of relocation of installations and construction of tracks. This will only happen after the east-west connection on the Spacerowa-Goworka route is cleared – explained Bartelski.

Works on Spacerowa and Goworka Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

There will be an annex to the contract with the contractor

Gazeta Stołeczna also reported that the construction of the entire route would be up to 25 percent more expensive. Work is underway to sign a contract with the contractor – Budimex. Additional costs are mainly to be generated by additional work expected by heating engineers. As we read in “Stołeczna”, the current opening date of the new line to Miasteczko Wilanów is the end of the summer holidays of 2024, but road works are expected to last until 2025.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

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