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Warsaw. Construction of the Annopol depot. When will it be launched?

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The largest parking hall in the new depot in Annopol will accommodate over 150 trams. Some smaller facilities are also ready, where vehicles will be renovated or painted after collisions. Tram drivers intend to move in here in June, and in September the depot is to be operational at full speed.

– It will be one of the largest facilities of this type in Europe. The work is progressing, the depot is actually ready and we plan to open it in the fall. It covers an area of ​​14 hectares and will accommodate approximately 150 trams, mainly those running on the new lines. on Kasprzak and to Czerniakowska, and the one that is being built in Wilanów – said the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, during the mid-conference in Białołęka. He noted that this is the first investment of this type in the capital in 60 years, when the Żoliborz depot was built (formally located today in the Bielany ridge).

As Trzaskowski added, such a large undertaking would not be possible without the support of the European Union. – The cost was huge – PLN 700 million, of which 85 percent from EU funds – he enumerated. He also praised ecological solutions: heat pumps, photovoltaics and 20 percent of the biologically active area – planted with grass and sedum.

They spend their holidays on start-up and training

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The president of Tramwaje Warszawskie clarified that tram drivers will start setting up in Annopol not in autumn, but in summer.

– We will take over the depot no later than June 30 (to the contractor – ed.) – he announced. But this will be only the beginning of the complicated process of relocation and start-up. – It's a gigantic operation. People need to be transported, equipment needs to be put into operation, the team needs to get used to the job, and first, some activities need to be performed “dry”. During the holidays, the depot will operate, but on a smaller scale, not at full capacity. We want the depot to be fully operational from September 2, then all trams will be on the road and the brigades will be fully staffed – added Bartelski.

He admitted that after the huge purchases that the city made in South Korea (over 120 vehicles from Hyundai), today the trams barely fit in the old depots.

152 trams under one roof

According to Michał Wolski, the head of the Annopol depot, the largest hall will accommodate 152 trams with a length of 33 meters, which are the longest that run in Warsaw. The trains will stay there overnight and undergo basic daily inspections. Here you can clean them and replenish operating fluids. There are, of course, more objects.

– The repair hall will enable mechanical and electrical repairs resulting from operational faults, but also post-accident repairs or repairs resulting from acts of vandalism. The next hall is a paint shop, which will enable the preparation and painting of the entire vehicle or its zones, Wolski said.

When asked whether the new facility would be a kind of luxury hotel for trams, he said that the comparison was entirely justified. – When it comes to the number of stars, we can easily give it five. But it is not only a hotel, but also a high-class spa, to put it in the language of the tourism industry – joked the head of the depot.

Work for several hundred people

Małgorzata Lejk, project manager on behalf of Tramwaje Warszawskie, was asked how the Annopol plant differs from other depots in Warsaw.

– The parking hall is completely covered, in other plants there are only roofs or a parking area – she replied. She also pointed to a modern system that will manage traffic on 16 kilometers of tracks located in this area. – The depot management system will control the switches, over 70 percent of which will be done automatically (without employee participation – ed.) – she added.

About 400 employees will be assigned to the depot, of which 160 will be service workers, the rest will be tram drivers. Some will be transferred from other plants, but the company will add approximately one hundred jobs. Recruitment is ongoing.

Questions about the line to Zielona Białołęka

Several important tram investments are currently underway in Warsaw. A route to Wilanów with a branch to Stegny is being built. They are scheduled to start this year works on Rakowiecka Street (kilometer of rails between Aleja Independence and Puławska) and at the Battle of Warsaw in 1920 (one and a half kilometers of tracks from Grójecka to the Western Railway Station). What about the line to Zielona Białołęka, which has been promised for years?

– For me, the priority is to start designing a tram to Białołęka. We hope that we will be able to start construction this term, because it is an absolutely fundamental matter. These are the expectations of the majority of Białołęka residents, replied President Trzaskowski. The tender for the designer is in progress, construction is initially scheduled for 2028-30.

Author:Piotr Bakalarski

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl

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