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Warsaw. Construction of the Memorial Room in the Park Powstańców Warszawy. Town Hall will ask residents how to use it

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The capital city hall has announced public consultations on the issue of the Memorial Chamber being built in the Warsaw Insurgents Park. Officials want to know the opinions of residents about the development of this place in the future.

The Memorial Chamber is being established in the Warsaw Insurgents Park in Wola. It is to commemorate the insurgents and civilians who died during the Warsaw Uprising. “No more war” is her most important message. The chamber will be run by the Museum of Warsaw. The exhibition will open in October.

The town hall will ask the residents

The Town Hall wants to get to know the opinions of the residents on how to develop the Chamber in order to take advantage of its potential. “The proposals submitted during the consultations will help us to refine ideas for activities and activities, and to adapt the Chamber’s offer to the needs and expectations of Warsaw residents” – noted the town hall.

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The first online meeting will be held on June 6 (Monday) at 5 pm on the ZOOM platform (you can take part in the discussion with vision and audio) and on YouTube (you can watch the meeting and discuss it in the chat).

Varsovians can also provide their opinions at a special consultation trolley that will travel around the district. June 8 (Wednesday) from 13-15 will be in Ulrychów, start at 86th LO im. Battalion “Zośka”, at Garbińskiego 1 June 12 (Sunday) from 14–18 during the Wolski Procession in the Sowiński Park. June 14 (Tuesday) from 16-19 at ul. Sowiński in the vicinity of the Memorial Chamber and on June 23 (Thursday) from 10-12 in Odolany, start at the square at the intersection of Sowińskiego and Jana Kazimierza.

There will also be face-to-face meetings. June 7 (Tuesday) from 10-12 in MAL Kotłownia at Jana Olbrachta 9a – for the elderly. Also on June 7 (Tuesday) from 17-19 at the seat of the Museum of Warsaw on the Old Town Square 28 – for people and social organizations interested in history. for youth – June 13 (Monday) during school hours at the Battalion “Zośka” at Garbińskiego 1.

However, on June 8 (Wednesday) from On 17-19 there will be an online meeting for teachers and teachers (applications should be sent to the e-mail kontaktacje@poledialogu.org.pl). The consultations will last until June 26.

Memorial Room in the Park Powstańców Warszawy

The Memorial Chamber is established on the initiative of the Social Committee for the Warsaw Insurgents Cemeterywhose chairman is Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, a participant in the Uprising. The architectural design by Piotr Bujnowski’s studio was selected in an open competition. The cornerstone was laid in July 2021. Construction works on the complex, managed by the town hall, will end this summer. The program care for the Memorial Chamber was entrusted to the Museum of Warsaw.

The complex is located in the largest war cemetery in Poland – the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery. It consists of two pavilions made of raw concrete and connected by the Memorial Wall. On the Wall, there will be over 62,000 brass plates with the names of the identified victims of the uprising and blank plates symbolizing the nameless victims. Continuing the arduous process of identifying the victims, initiated by the State Archives and the Warsaw Uprising Museum, will be part of the mission of the Memorial Chamber.

There are two spaces in the main building: the Testimony Room and the History Room. The History Room will be used to present the fate of the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery and the complex history of commemoration. It will also be adapted to the needs of the educational program for children, adolescents and adults.

Memorial Chamber at the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery – visualizationMuseum of Warsaw

Main photo source: Museum of Warsaw

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