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Warsaw. Construction of the second metro line, difficulties

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Works on the construction of a tunnel connector under the roadways of Górczewska Street on the second metro line have started. – On Tuesday and Wednesday, between Lazurowa and Klemensiewicza streets, drivers will travel together once on one roadway, once on the other roadway of Górczewska Street – officials informed.

Before the new subway tunnels are drilled, it is necessary to build connectors between them, the city said. This makes it possible to survey and strengthen the ground. Thanks to this, in the future there will be no need to excavate, and the construction site will be properly secured.

In connection with these works, changes in traffic on Górczewska are planned.

What obstacles await drivers?

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On Tuesday at 10 pm, road workers will redirect traffic in both directions to the southern carriageway. Along the entire length of the – temporarily closed – bus loop, drivers will use two lanes in each direction. Travelers traveling towards Lazurowa on this section will move “against the current”. They will move onto the adjacent carriageway at the entrance level, and return to the proper lane at the exit from the loop. The entrance to the internal road – leading towards Deyny Street – will be closed. Access for residents will be possible via Narwik Street from Lazurowa or Pełczyńskiego.

The next day – on Wednesday, also at 10 pm, traffic in the area of ​​Klemensiewicza Street will be transferred to the northern carriageway. On this fragment – “against the current” – traffic will lead towards Powstańców Śląskich. Those going in this direction will cross to the adjacent carriageway behind the tram terminus, and return to the right one before the junction with Klemensiewicza. In addition to two traffic lanes in each direction, additional lanes will be available for turning left or right, respectively, into an internal road (towards Pełczyńskiego Street) or into Klemensiewicza.

“This traffic organization will be in force until the beginning of the school year” – reported the press service of the Warsaw City Hall.

Difficulties on Górczewska Street Warsaw City Hall

Difficulties for pedestrians and cyclists

Changes will also apply to pedestrian and cyclist traffic. From Wednesday evening, pedestrian and bicycle traffic between Lazurowa and Klemensiewicza, on the north side of Górczewska Street, will take place through the inner area of ​​the estate – along the Górczewska 228a building. There will be a common pedestrian and bicycle path here. The track along Górczewska Street was closed on July 17 – trams do not run from the intersection with Powstańców Śląskich to the Os. Górczewska terminus. Lines 28 and 78 changed their routes.

Also from Tuesday, from 11 p.m., changes will be introduced on Połczyńska Street, between Dostawcza Street and the entrance to the shopping center. Drivers will use the northern carriageway on this section. There will be two lanes in each direction.

In Bemowo, an almost four-kilometre section of the metro is being built, consisting of three passenger stations (Lazurowa, Chrzanów, Karolin) and the Karolin Technical and Parking Station. “Currently, the works are focused on the construction of diaphragm walls of the underground bodies of the stops. The construction of walls for the TBM start shaft, which is located at the C01 Karolin station, has already been completed – this is where tunnel boring machines will start. Works related to the reconstruction of underground installations are also continued” – donated by the city.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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