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Warsaw. Construction of the second metro line. They will close the bus terminus in Bemowo

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On Friday, April 14 from At 8 p.m., the Os. Górczewska bus terminus will be closed. Public transport vehicles will start and end their courses at other, nearby stops, announced the capital city hall. The changes are related to the construction of another station of the second metro line at the intersection of Górczewska and Lazurowa streets.

The construction of the last section of the second metro line to Karolina is entering the next stage. On Friday, April 14, at No. 20, the Os. Górczewska bus terminus will be closed, and the buses will stop at the square built in the vicinity of the tram terminus.

Buses will depart from here 105, 122, 189, 190, 249 and N95. It will be called technical stop, i.e. without the possibility of getting off and on. Passengers of these lines will have to leave the buses at the Os. Górczewska 03 stop – at Górczewska Street, next to the petrol station. They will be able to get on at the Os. Górczewska 01 stop, at Lazurowa Street – just past the intersection with Górczewska Street (except the night line N95).

Line buses 177, 743 and N42 they will end and start courses at the Os. Górczewska 54 stop located on the southern carriageway of the street, between the entrance and exit of the tram terminus and the temporary bus terminus.

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SEE: Cooper Street is closed from Wednesday. Traffic organisation.

Azure Station is to be ready in 2026

The commissioning of the Lazurowa metro station – in parallel with the Chrzanów and Karolin stations and the Karolin technical and parking station – is planned for the first half of 2026.

The M2 Lazurowa line station is located on the south-eastern side of the intersection of Lazurowa and Górczewska streets – from the east it will be connected by an underground passage with ul. Górczewska on both sides, and from the south – with the eastern thread of ul. Azure.

Visualization of the Lazurowa metro stationCity Hall of Warsaw

The station will have an island platform with support columns in the middle. Triangular patterns will appear on the congestion walls and ceilings, and the whole will be dominated by colors in shades of gray with simple, geometric exit shelters. It will be a transfer station co-creating an important transport hub for the Bemowo district, which will also include bus and tram lines.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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