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Warsaw. Construction of the third metro line. Deadlines

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Design work has begun for the first section of the third metro line – from the National Stadium to the Gocław station – announces the capital city hall. The new route, over eight kilometers long, will feature seven stations, including six new ones. Construction should start in 2028.

– We want Warsaw to be not only an ideal place to work, but also a dream place to live. The construction of further metro lines is of key importance here, because communication is one of the most important services we provide to our residents. The third metro line is another initiative undertaken with Prague and the inhabitants of right-bank Warsaw in mind, said Rafał Trzaskowski, mayor of the capital, quoted in the announcement on this subject.

He was apparently not convinced by the forecasts of the load on subsequent metro lines, made at the request of the city hall. The study was merciless for the third line – even in the distant 2050, only a few thousand people per hour will travel on it. And at its peak. Meanwhile, an efficient metro can transport several dozen thousand people per hour. These data must be taken into account because the underground railway is the most expensive means of transport, both in construction and subsequent operation.

Analyzes have shown that what is most needed is a fourth line, doubling the first one on the north-south axis. – We build the lines one by one. Indeed, the fourth line – fed by the first, second, third – can carry the largest number of passengers. This order is justified, that’s why we are implementing the investment in this way – replied Rafał Trzaskowski in November, when asked by journalists about sticking to the previously accepted construction order.

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Eight kilometers of tracks and seven stations

On Tuesday, the city hall announced that the tender announcement for the M3 line project (“Performance of design works for the 3rd metro line in Warsaw – Stage I – Prague together with the Technical and Standby Station”) will be sent to the official journal of the European Union on Wednesday.

The tender concerns the first section of the M3, which will be 8.1 kilometers long and have seven stations: National Stadium (from the beginning, this station was designed as a transfer hub), Dworzec Wschodni, Mińska, Rondo Wiatraczna, Ostrobramska, Jana Nowak-Jeziorańskiego, Gocław. There will also be a branch leading to the Technical and Stopping Station on Kozia Górka. The project contractor will have 36 months to implement the tender assumptions from the moment of signing the contract.

The design stage is the time when you can introduce changes to the station surroundings that will change the characteristics of the area around future underground railway stops. The biggest changes will concern the Rondo Wiatraczna and Dworzec Wschodni stations.

Third metro line – routeUM Warsaw

The construction of the metro station at the Wiatraczna roundabout will be an opportunity to simplify the road system. Public transport stops are to be concentrated in the central part of the transfer hub. This station will be quite shallow, because a tunnel for the downtown bypass that has been promised for years is planned under it. A city square is to be built in place of the relocated tram terminus. The city promises: lots of greenery, a network of bicycle paths, elements of small architecture and a roof over the key part of the transfer hub.

They will move the tram tracks at the Eastern Railway Station

The area around the Eastern Railway Station is also to become a comfortable, friendly and aesthetic place.

The key change at Kijowska will be the relocation of the tram tracks closer to the station hall. Buses will also be able to run on the tracks, which will make it possible to establish joint tram and bus stops right at the entrance to the Warszawa Wschodnia station. The road system will be supplemented with paths and bicycle routes. Everything can be seen in new visualizations prepared by officials.

The design stage of the first stage of the M3 line should be completed in 2026, while the documentation obtained will enable the announcement of a tender for its construction. The signing of the contract with the winner of this procedure is planned for 2027 – so that construction works can begin in 2028.

Plans to extend the M3 and build the M4

According to Rafał Trzaskowski’s plan, the second part of the M3 line will be extended in the future – through Wisła and Mokotów – to Ochota (Żwirki i Wigury station).

In parallel with the design of the M3 line, pre-design works are to be carried out for the entire fourth metro line (26 kilometers, 23 stations + STP). Their aim will be to develop a preliminary conceptual design allowing for: determining the impact zones of the metro facilities on the surroundings; carrying out geological research and documentation; technical, environmental and operational analyses, the possibility of dividing the M4 line into sections and the sequence of their implementation – necessary at further stages of investment preparation and implementation.

Currently, the last three stations on the Bemowo section of the M2 line are being built in Warsaw, namely: Lazurowa, Chrzanów and Karolin. A Karolin technical and parking station is also being built. This is the last stage of work on this line, which will be put into operation in 2026. The metro network will then consist of 46 kilometers and 42 stations.

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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