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Warsaw. Construction of the viaduct of Trasa Łazienkowska. Changes at the Sedlaczka roundabout

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The Town Hall summed up the progress in the construction of the southern viaduct of Trasa Łazienkowska. From Monday, the organization of traffic on the Sedlaczka roundabout and on several other streets in this area will change.

Works related to the demolition of the old and construction of the new southern viaduct of Trasa Łazienkowska began in December last year. More than half a year has passed. What stage are they at?

“Fragments of the viaduct slab on both sides of the Sedlaczka roundabout are ready, on which the installation of curbs and cornice boards has begun. Further foundations, pillars and parts of the viaduct slab are reinforced, boarded and prepared for concreting” – describes the capital city hall.

Under the viaduct, at the Sedlaczka roundabout, paving works and preparations for introducing changes in traffic organization are being carried out. These will be implemented on Monday, June 5, from 6 am.

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Change of traffic organization

Shuttle traffic controlled by traffic lights will be introduced on Rozbrat and Myśliwiecka Streets. From Rozbrat Street, drivers will go straight on the roundabout to Myśliwiecka Street, in the direction of Szwoleżerów, or they will turn into Łazienkowska Street. On the other hand, those driving Myśliwiecka from the headquarters of Polskie Radio will go right into Łazienkowska or straight into Rozbrat. For those who want to go from the Szwoleżerów side in Myśliwiecka to Piękna – there will be a designated detour along Rozbrat, Górnośląska and Hoene-Wrońskiego streets.

On a short section of Myśliwiecka Street before II LO im. Stefan Batory will be in one direction of traffic. Drivers will go this way towards Szwoleżerów or Łazienkowska. From the latter you cannot enter the Sedlaczka roundabout. This relationship will be closed, and Łazienkowska Street will become one-way on a section of several dozen meters – at the height of the church. The detour towards the center will be on Czerniakowska, Szwoleżerów and Myśliwiecka Streets to the Sedlaczka roundabout.

This traffic arrangement will remain in effect until the end of the summer.

Buses will change routes

Due to the work from Monday, June 5, bus lines 107, 109, 159, 171 and N33 and N83 will change their routes. Lines going towards the Esperanto loop and CH Blue City 107 and 159 will be directed to a detour along the following streets: Szwoleżerów, Myśliwiecka, Rozbrat, Górnośląska and Hoene-Wrońskiego. 109 and 171 in the direction of Chomiczówka and Emilia Plater, they will go along Łazienkowska, Czerniakowska, Szwoleżerów and Myśliwiecka streets. Night lines N33 and N83 they will take passengers to the Central Railway Station via Szwoleżerów and Myśliwiecka streets.

The city hall also informs that there will be changes in the location of stops. They are described in detail on the Warsaw Public Transport website.

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Construction of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge to Praga Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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