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Warsaw. Contest #63seconds. Slogan and idea. When to apply? Details. Awards

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Young people can talk about what cannot be seen with the naked eye, but what is important and important to them in their lives. This is the idea of ​​the #63seconds film competition, organized by the Warsaw Uprising Museum. – We are looking for creators who will express themselves and what they feel. This is the most important and interesting thing – said actor Maciej Zazdrowieny, one of the jurors, on TVN24.

“What is invisible, yet important” – this is the slogan of the ninth edition of the #63seconds film competition addressed to young people. Entries for the competition, organized by the Warsaw Uprising Museum, can be sent until April 11.

“The past and history or a look into the future? The world of values, fears or hopes? Participants can create their film work in any technique. It can be a plot, animation or graphics. Each submitted material will be assessed in terms of artistic aspects included in the 63-second formula “- wrote the organizers.

“What counts is the idea and the ability to tell the story in film language”

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Jan Ołdakowski, director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, and actor Maciej Zazdrowieny talked about the #63seconds competition in “Wzostasz i weekend” on TVN24. They will both be jurors.

– We are looking for creators who will express themselves and what they feel. This is the most important and this is the most interesting – said Zazdrowieński. He added that they are looking for people who will answer the competition slogan, but not directly and not in a biased way. – Film is a medium that shows us and talks about the creator. He shows what he thinks, what he feels and this is an externalization. This is what I’m looking for, this is what I’m curious about. None of us should be afraid of expressing ourselves and not copying others. Only what I have to say and then it will be unique – he emphasized.

The director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum talked about the films that won in previous editions. – Films that win are the creator’s perspective. Some are technically very good, and some are more important about the idea. They are technically imperfect, but they are smart and have some idea, Ołdakowski said on TVN24. As he noted, the technique of making a film is any: it can be a documentary, a feature, an animation or a vlog. – What counts is the idea and the ability to tell the story in film language. It must be told in such a way that it will delight, even if we do not know, we do not know the creator, we do not know what he wants to say, after watching this film we will understand what he had to say – added the museum director.

How to take part in the competition?

To participate in the competition, you must record and send a 63-second audiovisual material prepared using any technique, which can be shot with a smartphone, camera or camera, by April 11 (inclusive). It is important that the film responds to the competition slogan: “What is invisible, yet important.”

Competition works should be sent via the application form on the competition website.

All videos will be published on the channel of the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

Financial reward and participation in the festival

The main prize in the competition is PLN 10,000 and participation in the final gala of the International Festival of Independent Cinema Mastercard OFF CAMERA in Krakow.

As Jan Ołdakowski emphasized, many young filmmakers decide to take part in the competition precisely because the awards gala takes place at the Krakow festival. – The opportunity to meet other filmmakers, the most important ones from Poland and from all over the world, is also a reward. Someone who wants to enter this world can easily talk to older colleagues. I once asked one of the winners what he felt, and he replied “this is not my last red carpet.” He liked the atmosphere and the fact that he was walking to receive the award on the red carpet – explained the director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum on TVN24.

“You’ll do great”

The ambassador of the competition is the Internet creator of Zetkacper, Kacper Zembrzucki, and the patronage is provided by the Film School in Łódź.

Zembzucki is famous primarily for his “standup” skits about education, in which he creates the character of “Ms. Bożenka”. Privately, Kacper is a biotechnology student and is interested in education and higher education in Poland. His social media profiles are followed by nearly 1.3 million people.

“I have been active on the Internet for several years, creating a humorous profile and I see how creative young people can be. It surprises me every day. That’s why I encourage you all to take part in the competition, because I see that you will do great,” said Zembrzucki.

Main photo source: TVN24

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