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Warsaw. Coronavirus and RSV among children. Interview with pediatrician Aneta Górska – Kot

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– There are many diseases among children. Now, in addition to the usual diseases that are like every year, we also have to deal with covid children. Our ward is practically full all the time – said Aneta Górska-Kot, a pediatrician, head of the Paediatrics Department at the Children’s Hospital named after Professor Jan Bogdanowicz in Warsaw on TVN24.

The number of institutions that cannot work normally, because at least one class has remote teaching there, is constantly growing. On October 29, their number was the highest since the beginning of this school year. Governments continue to emphasize that they do not intend to close schools across the country.

Meanwhile, as Aneta Górska-Kot said on TVN24, children’s hospitals in Warsaw are “bursting at the seams”.

Young covid patients

The pediatrician pointed out that now, by the decision of the voivode, the youngest infected must be dealt with by employees of all departments. In previous waves of disease, infected children have been sent to infectious diseases hospitals.

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– I have the impression that there are many more infections among children in this wave of infections. These are not serious illnesses. When I am on duty in cheese, two or three children come because they have a fever, because they have a cough – she said.

– We were even considering reopening the covid sorority, as we used to do in previous waves. But life has taught us that there is no specific symptom of covid babies. Some have no symptoms, some have abdominal pain with diarrhea, some have a respiratory infection, runny nose, fever. Each symptom can turn out to be a covid. We are on the eve of the decision to wipe out all patients again on admission to the hospital – she added.

RSV virus

According to Aneta Górska – Kot this season, there are more patients infected with RSV.

– There are a lot of kids from RSV. As soon as space becomes available, another comes. We also have urinary tract infections and sepsis. These diseases have not disappeared, they are with us all the time, but this year, indeed, there are many RSV infections in children – she said.

RSV is a respiratory syncytial virus and is responsible for 70 percent of respiratory infections in children under two years of age. It is also one of the main reasons for the hospitalization of young patients. The virus usually hit children in late fall and ended in spring, peaking in January / February. Doctors point out that during the COVID-19 pandemic, RSV and the flu have almost completely disappeared due to restrictions and distance learning. They are currently watching the pathogen return. In their opinion, he struck with double force, and in addition, the illnesses began to appear earlier than usual.

Aneta Górska – Kot pointed out that the virus is the most dangerous for the youngest patients who may even undergo intensive therapy.

Are the patients who come to your hospital then sent back? – asked the leader.

– Not. Solitary confiners are no longer solitary. We try not to send it anywhere, because in other hospitals it is not better. There are times when we break a rule. Children under the age of one who should not be in other wards are there. For example, they are hospitalized in a ward for children over one year old, she replied.

Main photo source: PAP

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